Monday, March 2, 2020

Shopping & Belly Aches

I made it through a whole day of work today. I was actually busy too (over doing the work that needs to be done but hey it kept me busy). It was the first full day I've worked in over 2 weeks. Crazy.

I went to Joann's after work to get a couple things.

Some black fabric for linings since I don't have any plain black left, some fusible fleece but all they had was the more expensive one so I just got a yard, found some Snoopy fabric, people are always asking me for Snoopy and lots of blue thread! I am all out of good blue thread so I decided to just get 10 spools. I think I might just start doing that when I go in there, get 10 spools of a color so I can stock up. I was buying the big multi pack boxes but I have a lot of the same colors that I don't use now so that's a bit of a waste.

I was planning on doing some sewing tonight but I took my medicine  on an empty stomach without thinking about it and I've been dying every since. I ate a bagel when I first started feeling bad but that hasn't done much. Sadly I have no pepto and the little store is closed. Debating on driving to town to get some.  Maybe milk would work? Drinking milk grosses me out now though...

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

God I hope you feel better. Did you get nauseous?
Rick's cough is almost gone. It's only been 2.5 months. He got a steroid inhaller. It is killing the infection and the cough is almost gone. Only a couple in the morning and that is it. I hope you get some relieft soon Julie!

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