Friday, March 27, 2020


Seems to be weird to be happy it's Friday when I'm not even leaving the house, but I'll be glad to not have to fire up the work computer and find things to do for 8 hours.

Wednesday night I finished up all my little yellow bags. I think they turned out cute, nice and bright! I even got them added to my Etsy store with my handmade stuff.

After I got that done I cleaned up the floor of my studio. Thread everywhere! I'm kind of sad I don't have anyone to send my tiny little scraps to now. I debated on saving them but ended up tossing them. I have boxes of fabric I don't need to save 1" and smaller pieces..

Dinner Wednesday was stew and cornbread again. When we went shopping I didn't have a menu made because I thought it would be hard to find food. So now I have meat and have to figure out what to do with it lol.

Thursday we had a super gourmet dinner, I know you are jealous haha

I decided that I should finish up the mug cozies I had abandoned before moving onto something else. So I got those all sewn up, I just have to add the buttons. 

Once I get those done I think I will go through and add all the new ones I've made onto my Etsy shop. 

I watched a few shows on Netflix the last couple days. Tiger King of course, because everyone is talking about it. I had listened to a podcast about this whole thing awhile back. 

Self made, I really enjoyed this one

and then Lost Girls, so sad.

I just saw the next season of Ozark is out so I'll probably watch that next! I love that bad girl in there, can't remember her name at the moment. She's such a good actress.

My friend who works at a school in another district just got noticed that school is going to be closed through May 20th, but they have notebooks for all the kids for virtual learning. They are planning to have the last 2 weeks of school in person if it works out. Freaking crazy. So for my son's school district just has paper packets they can do for busy work that won't be graded so we haven't bothered with that. I don't know what they are going to do to finish out their school year. They are closed through April 20th as of now.

Things are going to be crazy once everyone can go back to work. I saw someone post that they had to cut their own toe nails. I find that kind of hilarious.  (unless you are diabetic)

Everyone is going to have long hair unless they cut it themselves. Not to mention roots unless they go the box route! I don't dye my hair so far so I'm good lol.

All the Reseller You Tubers I watch are like trying to come up with ways to source more stuff to resell so they have content for their You Tube channels. It's been interesting seeing what they come up with.

Well no big plans for the weekend. SURPRISE haha. Hope you are all staying home and staying healthy.

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