Thursday, March 12, 2020

Scrappy Bags Finished!

Yesterday after work I had to pick up Trevor from his after school event (some day his truck will be finished, but then I'll miss our time we get to spend together in the car). After I picked him up I went to the grocery store. I never realized how much I lick my finger until I was trying not to. Mostly for getting the stupid bags separated. I need to make some out of net material and just reuse them instead of the plastic produce bags. And maybe remember to put my reusable bags in the car too. 

I still have a cough which I think is basically just asthma at this point so I was sucking on a cough drop in the store. I only saw two people wearing masks (debating on making some fabric ones, I think I might get rich!). The shelves were fully stocked with toilet paper (I bought a bigger pack than I usually do just in case it runs out again!) but there was no hand sanitizer or ingredients to make it (I have a huge tub at home, we hardly ever use it but I have started using one in the car). I find it interesting that all the cleaning WIPES are gone but there are the big gallons of bleach readily available.  Guess people don't know you can use that to clean with too.

I'm tired of the Hello Fresh meals again so I made myself a menu and grocery list from it. Pretty much all Skinnytaste recipes for the next week. 

I also made a breakfast casserole thing but didn't take a picture of it so you'll have to wait for that. I know, the suspense is killing you.

So it was 9:00pm by the time I sat down to finish up my scrappy zip bags. I really wanted to get them done so I did. Only took me about 2 1/2 hours to finish them up. I'm so tired of these colors now. I think I'll make up a couple key chains that I partially sewed when I first started playing with this scrap bag and then move onto something RED or at least not aqua haha.

Now they are in my tote ready for my next sale day. Although with this crazy virus going around those might get cancelled. I'll have crazy inventory if I keep sewing haha.

I was joking with a friend of mine who is convinced she has the corona (low fever, head stuffed up, coughing) that I have a plan B for toilet paper. WORK! I guess that's not going to work now, this shelf is usually stocked full and now they are rationing it out it looks like haha.

We got an email this morning from the big boss saying that we need to take our laptops home with us every night now. I'm sure that's in case they decide to close our buildings for safety. If that happens I will have mad sewing time since I have NOTHING to telework with. I barely have anything to office work with. 

On the plus side the girl that has coughed non stop for two days didn't come to work today. TG! She was giving me so much anxiety. I hope she feels better soon, she was just miserable yesterday. I'm sure she just has the cold we've all been passing around (or is it the corona!?!)  but hoping it doesn't turn into pneumonia or something for her. Poor gal.

Alrighty, off to read some blogs, busy busy day here. (PS I'm blogging one day behind real time at the moment)

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

glad to hear your co-worker stayed home. If you don't have sick days it does put you in a tight situation but if she was coughing that badly that wasn't fun for any of you.
I love breakfast casseroles and always make them when I get company (coming on the 20th) I have made an egg one and a french toast one etc. Can't wait to see yours and maybe get a new recipe.

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