Friday, March 20, 2020

Teleworking with Animals Is Fun

Well life keeps getting more and more exciting even though we are staying home! California is now on mandated orders to shelter in place. Which means that we aren't really doing anything different than the day before but I guess you could get in trouble for hanging out in the street with your buddies or something.

Also now at work the doors are locked, no one can come inside but the employees (2 at a time for our agency) and no field visits (which I never do anyways). Almost everyone is just telework but the 2 other girls that work directly with me because they are contract employees. They are splitting up the week for who is working what day.

So day 2 of teleworking. I can take phone calls directly from my computer when someone calls my desk at work even though I'm at home. How cool is that? Just have to get my cat to stop loudly bathing himself when I'm talking to someone...

Also my dogs wanted to go out like 12 times and someone still crapped on the floor in the house. Monday I think I will move my boxes I have in front of the door so I can keep the dogs out. They are super annoying, especially Snookie who wants to be held all day.

I have to go in for part of the day on Monday to finish up my end of the month report for the purchase card I am in charge of. My binder with all my passwords is locked in my desk drawer.

Here is my exciting dinner from last night!

Earlier in the day Trevor made us some home made french fries. They were pretty good. Maybe I should send him to culinary school. 

My neighbor was working on weeding yesterday, he's the one that feeds the "yard cats" as I like to call them. He gets the ones he can catch spayed and neutered, then gives them a name and a collar. They mostly only like him. He used to hate cats years ago and now he's the cat man lol. They follow him around the yard.

We have new neighbor in that red house there. I was talking to him from across the field and I think she thought I was talking to her so she came over to where he was standing and was all like "want to see my chickens!" Uh ok if you are 6' away... she tried to shake my hand when I introduced myself and I was like sorry no.  So we walked over to her back yard and saw her chickens and her cute little chihuahuas that are probably going to get eaten by coyotes. Her husband was building a chicken coop in the back yard. I'm pretty sure she's a bit cray cray. Maybe on prescription drugs. I was like so your dogs can get out through your fence... also your cute little cat. We have coyotes here you know? She's like oh they are good so far. I told her yeah I've lost like 5 cats out here over the years, I don't let mine out. People never believe me until their precious baby never comes back.  Hate to say I told you so but eh.

Oh she's also not afraid of the virus because she's a stage 4 cancer survivor. Uh bitch get your ass inside you shouldn't be talking to anyone.

I've been working on my Etsy store this evening. I had someone buy 6 patterns. I also sold 2 books yesterday so maybe people are looking for stuff to craft with. I have A LOT of stuff they can craft with! Trying to get back to listing at least 5 things a day. 

Talking Scott into making dinner tonight. He is getting home a whole hour earlier every day and leaving an hour later in the morning. He's loving having less commute time. He says they are busy at work, I hope it stays that way with minimal customer interaction. They are mostly a specialty place so they don't get a lot of people walking in.
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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

I say this daily about working from home and my dog thinking it's playtime.People think I am being dramatic. HA!

Your neighbor is nuts. her poor animals being left outdoors. She should let them in and she should stay outdoors with the coyotes. :-) She's a stage 4 cancer survivor and apparently, she thinks that makes her invincible.

Julie H said...

@Peg, they mostly are out when she is out but I think she lets them into the backyard and then they go through the fence. People never listen to me until they can't find their animals. I've lived here long enough to know!

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