Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Yellow Scrappy Bags, Teleworking Day 4

Day 4 of teleworking.

My little Snookie is really annoying in the morning. She thinks I need to hold her ALL DAY. She makes the most annoying little whining grunting noises until I pick her up or yell at her to go lay down. Yesterday I put flea meds on everyone which made them ALL clingy. Who knew my animals coworkers were so annoying. I had to run over to my mom's cabin and I told her if she had wifi over there I'd go work there for awhile for a change of scenery. If Scott gets laid off I might even pay for it to be installed (assuming someone is still working for their company..)

For work I'm basically waiting for someone to email me something to do, or should be doing Ag Learn which is like online courses and OMG so boring.

After work time yesterday I worked on my yellow scrappy bags. This one turned out to be more brown than yellow and I didn't like it all that much so I tried doing some machine quilting on it. I like it now!

and I got 2 yellow ones finished! I like these a lot, nice and bright and cheerful which is what I was wanting to look at. I have 4 left to finish, just need to sew on the rick rack/yo-yos if I pinned that on already and then sew the sides together.

Don't really like the 3 of the same fabrics together on the back of the top one but nothing I can do about it now lol.

I'm really enjoying doing these scrappy bags! I think I might do reds next!

For dinner last night we finally used up the hamburger buns we've had forever (seriously they cannot be good for us they never went bad). Originally Scott bought them to make burgers but then I used the meat for something else. When I went shopping I bought some patties to just toss on the BBQ so we had those last night. All I had to do was put the salad together. Easy!

I'm going to make a stew for dinner tonight. I guess I'll probably make some corn bread too since that's how we do it here :)

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