Monday, September 21, 2020

Big Desserts

Sunday I was just going to clean up the rest of the party stuff and kick it but my friend Cassi said she was getting released from the hospital so I did party clean up AND went and picked her up woohoo

She seemed to be almost back to normal just a tad bit off but she had almost died so that's ok. I'm like omg I'm glad you didn't die. The whole time she was out I was so missing sending her funny stuff to look at and chatting with her.

While she was in the hospital the last day she said she kept seeing all the local food commercials and really wanted to go to this place called Pop Churros lmoa. First thing she wants to do when she gets out! So we found it and check this out

Didn't quite finish it all lol

I got all the stuff cleaned up from the party, anyone want a cupcake? I had two for breakfast. Not getting thinner anytime soon I think.

Someone ordered some masks so I got those almost done along with a few more Halloween to offer up. I was going to work on stuff for a craft show on Sunday but I just asked to cancel my spot since it is supposed to be 100 degrees again. I just can't handle the heat outside like that. Luckily she over booked so I was able to cancel without repercussion.

Just need to add some elastic to these and they are done.

This cat cracks me up, look how she wedged herself into the space between the window and the desk. She fell asleep right after I took this and was there for awhile. 

I am caught up with the work I missed from taking two days off last week. That didn't take long. I THINK tomorrow they are going to start working on my septic. I messaged the guy but so far he hasn't answered. They came out and measured off my 1/2 lot this morning so that all got approved! I have a nice big lot now. Too bad I can't put some sheds in that area. I CAN put a fence there so we need to figure that out for next (along with finishing up the living room).
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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Boy I'd love some of that ice cream! Septic tank issues and remodeling is not fun all at once Julie. Hope it all gets finished soon for you. I am in that kind of hell myself right now.

Julie H said...

@Peg, I'm just sitting here waiting for things to happen lol

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