Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Woohooo Progress

 Guys! Guys!! I have men in my yard working on the septic! It's a miracle! Lets hope they don't dig up any dead bodies or anything. I've never dug in that lot next to us. When we moved here there was this giant old boat and bags of bags of garbage and misc crap all over the place. It took years for the people that lived behind that lot to get that cleaned up (think the neighbor next door actually cleaned up a lot of it). Who knows what is under the ground there.

My spying window

So I made up my brown scraps but didn't actually use them yet, might just do something with the 5 of them for another project later. 

 I cleaned out an entire tote of scrap fabric. I have one bag of sorted and cut pieces left and 11 squares left over.

First I added to the black squares, it's a much better size now. I think I will just add a border to it and then it will be ready for quilting.

and here are the other left over squares that coordinated. I wanted it to be more random so I just tossed all the squares together and picked out 2 at a time to sew together. This one will need a couple borders to make it a nicer size.

No idea what I'm going to do with them when I'm done, either sell or give away lol. It was fun using up all the little pieces of scrap fabric.

I have a bunch of masks to make now. One of the gals that buys a ton from me brought me fabric to make up for her daughter's wedding party.  So I have those plus a few more orders I got after posting the last round of masks I made. 

Pretty much sick of making masks but hey they are paying for half the septic!

Scott took my car again today. Probably going to have to borrow my daughter's car to go to the dentist tomorrow. Might have to go car shopping or something.

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