Friday, September 18, 2020

Shower Eve

 Oh my gosh I'm so exhausted.

Last news on my friend Cassi from last night is that she still has the tube, still sedated and in stable condition. Stable. That's a good word.

I'm going to have to try and put that in the back pocket of my brain today. Tomorrow is Jessica's "drive by" baby shower and I need to keep my shit together.

Also today is Aunt Flo kill you day yeahhhh thank's nature.

So while I drink my coffee and watch my cat knock some more shit over I'm going to put my mental list for today down here.

First of all, if there is some kind of natural disaster requiring rain let me just plan some kind of outdoor event. It was fucking raining on the Altamont this morning (hills just west of us). That mo-fo shit better just keep on moving so we have a nice day tomorrow. 

Although do you see this? It's the mother effing sky and the SUN!! We haven't seen that in forever.

Also if you look at the base of those trees you can see all the brush my neighbor has dumped. haha

ok plans for today

  1. shower
  2. wash dishes that everyone else made
  3. go outside and clean up the tools and piles of brush and tree trimmings (might drag over to field tree, JUST KIDDING, I have my own tree in the back haha
  4. either go get more ink for my printer or have a child go get it
  5. at some point Melissa and Daniel's sisters are going to come over to make cupcakes and put favors together.
  6. start drinking (I really don't drink that much, I've had like 3 drinks in September, mostly Smirnoff Ice which is like fancy punch)
  7. have nachos for dinner
  8. clean more shit
  9. Pass out from exhaustion
Listening to Trevor's online schooling. It's auto shop at the moment. Mostly it's the teacher telling kids that he's more tired than them and they need to get their shit together. I'm always amazed at what some of these teachers say. I know it's high school but why do you have to belittle kids in front of their peers. Save that for a side conversation after class.

Ok off to procrastinate a bit more and read a couple blogs. Hoping Chris over at Diet Coke Rocks got a decent dinner in her quarantine hotel. 

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