Wednesday, September 23, 2020

More Waiting

What's happening today? NOTHING! Which is nice! Still waiting to hear from the septic guy about what day they are going to show up. Tomorrow PG&E is supposed to turn off our power from 9-2. I was going to just go into work once the power goes off but I will not go if they are going to be doing the septic. Hopefully the guy responds soon. What is it with contractors and their lack of communication?

Here is my fancy egg scramble Trevor made us for breakfast yesterday. It was a tad bit salty but A for effort ;)  He's making us breakfast right now too. My little chef. Tomorrow evening we are going to do a Zoom meeting with the trade school he wants to go to in WYOMING. The boy has never even been to the snow. I keep telling him it is horrible but he doesn't seem to think it will be haha. Part of me is just like ooo if he moves out I can put my STUFF in one room and sew/work in the other.  I think I'd put a twin bed up though for a guest room. Maybe. Might not want to encourage that too much haha. Life will be so weird without any kids here. Is it even possible? 

Finished up my blue scrap pieces, just putting them in a bag to add to later. I know I have a pink, green and white bag to go! 

After I finished those up I started some more masks. I'm almost completely out of masks on hand. It is dumb to stop making them since they make me money but I am tired of making them so I just do some and then do something else and then come back to them. I got some camo fabric so I'm sure those will sell fast. I made up 4 of both colors. Just have to add the elastic. All the guy masks just fly out the door.

Well that's all I have for today! Nothing really to do for work so guess I'll just wait for some emails and finish those up ;)

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Snow isn't awful when you live somewhere they are used to snow! I've lived both.
It's fine up north. It sucks here where they get their panties in a twist over a measley 3 inches of snow. I am certain he will love Wyoming and it is good to live lots of places because it expands your view of the world! New places, new people, new customs. All good for everyone! What is he taking? Culinary arts? :-)

Julie H said...

@Peg, he should lol. He wants to do automotive since that's what my husband's family has always done.

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