Friday, September 25, 2020

Waiting Game

Good Morning! Happy Friday!

Still no septic lines being installed today. Now they say Tuesday. If they hadn't put in so much effort to get the permit I think I'd be shopping for a new contractor.  Thank God I'm able to flush and have water flowing still. If I hadn't gotten it all pumped out I'd be in some serious poop trouble!

So the power went out at 9:15 yesterday, it was back on at 11 something but I was already at work by that time. I figured I might as well stay there and do some real work while I was there!

After work I stopped and got a Chips A'hoy McFlurry. This McD's sucks, their version of a McFlurry is to just dump some of the stuff on top of ice cream and not actually mix it up. The last one I had was much better. Apparently their drive thru was having a bad day. 

Last night I finished up my pink crumb blocks (with a little purple). The one with a bunch of other colors was a partial one from my last time working on pinks. What color should I do next? Green, Dark blue, brown or white? Thinking I should mix the whites with another color. Maybe the browns since brown is not my favorite color.  One of my friends loves these so maybe I'll have her in mind when I sew some together. For now the pinks are just chilling in the bag lol. I had some pink and red blocks that looked nice with these so maybe I'll do a pink & red mixture and see how big it is put together.

Last night we did a Zoom call with Wyotech for Trevor. He really wants to go there. It is a lot of money but if the kid actually got a good paying job after it would be worth it. Plus he'd maybe get a chance to do some growing up away from home for a year. Poor kid has only been out of California once. I wonder if he'd miss me haha. The reviews I was reading are mixed. Looks like some people had great experiences and some had horrible. We shall see what the future holds eventually right?

Today I have some more masks to make, people are back on the mask ordering train again. So funny how it dies off a bit and then everyone all wants them at the same time. I am going to sew up the rest of the camo fabric I have and someone asked for some florals so I guess I'll do a few of those too.

No plans for the weekend! Maybe some living room work will be done? We shall see. I'm all good for a weekend of nothing important after the last one.


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