Friday, September 11, 2020

FriYeah! Black Quilt Blocks

Yesterday I finished up all the black squares 

I had 10 more already made from the last time I worked on them so I have 40 in all. That's quite a few! I think I'm going to do some red/yellow combo ones next to add in with them.

After that I made up 3 Minnie Mouse masks for my friend

and a few more to "have on hand" for when people are looking for some. I still have another smile pile to finish up.  I still have quite a few Halloween to make up, not sure if I will make them ALL up or not. 

I made a little meatloaf. I decided to cook it in my skillet, turned out just fine. Kind of fun having it in a circle so it could be cut like a cake.

These two were ALMOST snuggling last night. She heard me move though and sat up lol. (Tubby and Buster)

Just about caught up on work stuff already and it's 9:30 am. I have a shit ton of laundry to put away. Might just pull out my stuff and let the boys do their own ;)

Plan for today is to finish up the rest of those masks I started and then possibly pull out the red and yellow scraps. I need to work on scraping the grass out of my brick walk way some more but the air quality is HORRIBLE. My chest hurts a bit. I had to use my inhaler a couple times yesterday. It's so weird that the fires are farther away now but the air quality is worse. Darn wind blowing it all into the valley bowl here.

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