Tuesday, July 6, 2021

4th Of July

Good morning! Did you all survive the 4th?

I started mine off by cutting up watermelon down at the club kitchen. I'm not sure how I got this job but I seem to have it for every 4th of July party.

Walked around and took some pictures after til the party got started. 
This was the outside bar.

They brought the big wheel out for the cake booth. I ended up working the cake booth too and got Trevor to spin the arrow on the wheel.

Cake Booth contestants :) 

All the cakes and goodies people donated

Daniel wanted to go see Uncle Trevor. 

Yumm watermelon!

Dime pitch game, it was so funny I was sitting on the steps to the left with someone and her granddaughter was winning all this glassware. I was like her mom might have to stop off at Goodwill on the way home (they live in Montana and are here visiting).

George always does our music and DJ'ing

Lunch! I broke the corn in half and helped plate them up and passed them out.
I burped that sausage for the rest of the day and night.

Tons of raffle prizes. I didn't win anything with my $10 worth of tickets.

Watermelon eating contest!

After the party we went to my brother Joe's house. Adrian and Trevor hung out.

He had some small things to set on fire.

My newest niece Stella, she's such a pretty baby.

Came home and before I new it, it was after midnight! Long day but it was pretty nice and mellow.
Yesterday I spent the day sewing but I'll save those pictures for tomorrow!


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