Thursday, July 8, 2021

Sewing! Kittens! Drama!

 Good morning happy Thursday! Looks like another slow work day today. Yesterday I got my bag finished up. I was just about done when I realized I forgot to put pockets in it. Darn. I like how it turned out though. It has a lot of time put into it but didn't cost anything to make since it is all scraps. I even used small pieces of batting and joined them together. Well the lining wasn't scrap but that's it. I think that is why I like this bag pattern, no hardware to buy for it.

I made a matching zip bag that I didn't take a picture of.  Then I took the rest of the strips I had and started making these zip bags with. I just need to cut the linings and put them together. Although I think I want to put some yo-yos on a few. I need to figure out where I put the ones I have made up and see if any of those will look good.

Here comes some kitten spam! They were so cute yesterday. I will miss them when they are gone but they are a lot of work so I'll be happy to have "less work" haha.

Almost got everyone looking

They all decided to take a nap on the window ledge. Gah every time I looked they were even cuter.

They also started sleeping on my scrapbook tote. Won't all fit there for long.

My two friends that I hand out with and email everyday went out on one of their boats on Monday. They included me in all their emails and text messages about it. I didn't get invited to go (I know they were mostly just taking the kids all out) but I was getting all the info about the trip. Finally I drew myself in on the last picture I got yesterday and sent it back. Sheesh. Like if I'm not invited I don't need to know you're going to have tuna sandwiches. Love them but wish they would have done a separate email to each other.

Last night Trevor was making dinner and we were out of oil so he took my car to go to our little store. After he got back one of the neighbors TAGGED ME ON FACEBOOK to tell me he was speeding by their house. I was like hey maybe you could have just messaged me and I talked to him and he said he wasn't speeding. She's like I had 4 people in my yard. Ok? What was he going like 22 miles per hour. People need to get a life. I had two people message me to complain about HER.  What a bitch. She's a loud mouth drunk at all the parties but I don't go around putting her up on FB. 

Anyhow, that was my evening.  Oh and our power went out at like 11:30 last night. Someone MILES away got in an accident and it took our power out. Luckily it was only out for about an hour. Haven't seen if the people in the accident died or not. I imagine that was pretty bad to knock power out for miles.

Going to finish up those little bags today then I don't know what. I should probably clean but that's no fun ;)

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1 comment:

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Okay you are nicer than me once again. I would have text back please remove me from all the fun, I wasn't invited and this is a bummer. LOL
That neighbor who bitched about Trevor sounds like fun. I need to live on a mountain top away from people I think.

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