Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Goodbye to Spots & Tiger

Monday after work Spots and Tiger went to their new homes. I drove about an hour to meet up with my friend for the hand off. She then took them to her boss who is their new owner. I'm glad they got to go together and the house has kids so they will have fun!

Spots being extra cute with her bangs.


I tried to get a good last "family photo" of all four of them, someone kept hopping out of the box haha

This is the best I could get! They got so big!

Tiger was my favorite so I was sad to see him go but I'm not trying to be the crazy cat lady with 200 cats haha. Melissa is going to get Felix on Friday and Princess is getting picked up by my uncle on Saturday!  I lost Felix for like 1/2 an hour yesterday. Looked all over for him and then boom there he was just casually in the living room. No idea where he was hiding!

After work yesterday I unloaded the camping stuff out of Trevor's truck. You'd think someone else would have done it by then but no. I need stuff that was in the boxes!  Shlepped stuff in front of the shed, started washing some sleeping bags, brought in all the boxes to go through and wash everything. I think I am going to go buy some new fresh boxes since all my boxes are falling apart. That way they will all match too. I got side tracked when Jess came over with the baby and never got back to it so I have crap all over my house. I need to get that done today. I'm getting rid of all the extra sleeping bags. Tempted to get rid of ALL the sleeping bags since the ones Scott and I use are 25 years old. Hard to believe that!! Time sure flies for some stuff.

My forehead and nose are peeling. I slathered on a ton of moisturizer today since it felt like I was decaying haha. 

Trevor is home today even though he usually works on Wednesdays. His schedule is all mixed up. WHERE IS MY TIME ALONE! Love him but love quiet time too.  I'm going into the office for "office coverage" tomorrow which basically means I have to get the mail. Freaking stupid. Probably work on putting new apps into folders again. We shall see!

Ok off to be productive, hope you all have a great day!


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