Thursday, July 29, 2021

Busy Day and Reno Trip

 Good morning! Happy die of cramps day!  Glad I'm working from home today. Probably forever since who knows when all this sheeznit will be gone.

Yesterday I did not get my goal of cleaning the front porch off done, but I DID get my sewing room/office cleaned up a bit. Now to get all this fabric put away

After work yesterday this cutie came over to play. Snookie had a great time playing with him and he thought it was hilarious that she'd run from him and when he got close enough to touch her.

He played with his new toy I got him. He didn't try walking with it, I think he didn't feel stable enough with it. If it was against the couch he'd stand up with it though.

We went out to say high to the next door neighbors and he crashed out while I was standing there talking to them. Of course he woke up right before his mom got here. Hopefully he went back to sleep for her.

I signed back up for Hello Fresh. I made the first meal last night. I thought it might be gross but everyone ate it all. I just subbed out the red onion for some yellow. I don't know why they use red onion for all their recipes, so weird.

After dinner I worked on some mask repair for my best mask customer. These are mostly her grandson's and he breaks the nose pieces a lot. I told her I'd fix them up for $2 each. Some of them are the first masks I made that had pipe cleaners in them.

I got them all taken out so just need to put the new hardware in and sew it in. I haven't sewn in almost three weeks. Before we went camping! Itching to make some stuff.

anddd now back to our Reno trip. I started off the day by being held hostage. I kind of love when Lucy lays on my back haha. She's a pretty shy cat and mostly rules the bedroom.

We decided to go a back way to Reno for the scenic route. Scott said "you can drive" so I did all the driving until the trip home. We stopped at Mel & Faye's Diner in Jackson. I got a Sourdough burger and it was delicious. I was worried that I might get sick from the onion rings/butter/cheese but I did fine.

I didn't take any pictures on the drive since I was driving haha. At one point I told Scott it was nice we took the scenic route so he could just look at his phone the whole way. Eventually he set it down. Like how about you look at the scenery and have a conversation.

It got really smoky on our way and even rained really hard when we were in Carson City. Weird. Lots of fires :( Here was the view from our room. I never saw anyone in the pool so I think they must have closed it for poor air quality.

I thought for sure they would charge me a bunch of fees for the room but it actually did end up being free! I think it was just $12 for taxes and stuff. I had paid a $25 deposit when I booked it and then when I got there they asked for my card for $75 hold for incidentals (but didn't actually charge my card). They refunded the $25 after we checked out.

Our room looked pretty much like this picture except the TV was more centered with the bed.

Sunday when we got there we just hung out in the room for awhile to decompress then went down and played in the casino for awhile. We ended up having a late dinner and just got soup and salads. I think we went to bed at like midnight or so. Nice day just chilling out!

I have no emails of stuff to do today for work (already took care of the few I had when I logged in) so might be a slow work day. Hope you all have a great one!

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Nice room for so little money - good job. I hate when i drive and there is no conversation. The last time I put on a station he hates. I said, then talk to me. The radio stayed off. :-)

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