Thursday, July 22, 2021

Felix last full day

Good morning happy Thursday!

Today is our last full day with little man Felix! My daughter Melissa is going to take him home with her tomorrow. He is so adorable! It's a good thing I got them all homes already since they are at the super fun stage.

This was below me while I worked yesterday. Yes everything is a mess. The kittens dragged out all my yo-yo's out of that bag, played with them and napped on them haha. They've been having a great time.

My big kittens are definitely going to miss them when they are gone! They've already been looking for the two missing ones. Such cuties.

Today's agenda, go into work to get the mail (yes an hour of driving to get the mail which is almost always all for the other department) and check the voice mails. Go by Wal Mart to get some more kitten food and some ant spray since they are starting to show up. 

I got all the little camping stuff boxed up into TWO boxes that I had that matched and had lids, go me! I just need to finish cleaning the stove that I had soaking in oven cleaner outside. I pulled out a couple things to add to my free table (yep started making another collection) since we don't need 12 pots and pans in the camping box. Also we have a bunch of extra sleeping bags to pass on.

 Everything still needs to make it into the shed which I'm dreading because my husband is a horrible organizer and keeps messing it up out there. Plus there is a hole in the floor of the shed. Hmm I should add small piece of plywood to my list of stuff to buy today. Is wood still selling for the price of gold? I haven't been in Home Depot in awhile. 

Oh and it's hot here right now.

Yesterday I sent my spreadsheet to three people that kept bugging me to know info for work. I got back a WOW and a "you're always so organized". Why yes, yes I am. Someone has to be haha. Some day everything in my house will be organized well again. It used to be and then somewhere along the way I lost it. Mostly because I was outnumbered!

Last night when Scott got home I asked him if he was excited to go to Reno in two days. He tried to tell me it wasn't this weekend. I'm like uh well this is the last Sunday in July and it was booked in July so...  then he had panic because he has two days off work next week and has projects he's working on. I'm like peace out, I know everyone will just save everything for when I get back.

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

I remember something my mom said when I was little, a mothers work is never done.
I am not a mom but I feel the same way. I don't want to do everything but if I don't shit falls apart. I think I need to run away to a spa that someone else paid for - wanna come?

Julie H said...

Yes I’ll meet you there!

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