Wednesday, August 10, 2022


Hello happy Wednesday night! I made it back from my trip. Was totally not excited to see that Trevor had rearranged the living room though. That shit needs to get put back before I get home from work tomorrow. 

We left Monday before noon and took a back way that is more fun of a drive.  We stopped at Mel & Faye's Diner for lunch and started off our 3 days of eating too much haha. Afterwards we went to the antique store. There are actually 2 an upstairs and a downstairs. The upstairs was startling empty. The gal said that they were getting new vendors and would be all set up soon. I asked if they had a change of ownership and she said yes so that explains it lol. Probably hiked up the rent and everyone left. There was still a few booths to look at and I bought a large Pyrex measuring cup for $5 which was a good price. Then we went downstairs which was still full of stuff to look at. 

There were quite a few quilts

Look a string quilt like I make only fatter strings, and that picture above it is all fabric

a little curtain made out of embroidered pieces

and I thought this was a fun idea that could be made for a craft booth.

I ended up buying a bag of buttons (I know, I definitely do not need more buttons) because I thought this button was so interesting. It is actually dark brown not black and then has hands on both sides. 

We stayed at the Grand Sierra Resort. 
I did the online check in so just had to wait in a tiny line for our keys. That was nice since the line was HUGE for check in.  Here is the view from our free room. Not too shabby even though part of it is the roof lol. I could have upgraded to a nicer view but didn't think that was necessary. It was pretty at night with all the lights.

We went to the frozen margarita (and other drinks) place and got some drinks. Melissa wasn't all that fond of hers so she only drank about 1/2. Mine was yummy though haha. We got the refillable for a discount cups but never made it back there. 

Melissa wanted to get Round Table for dinner (it is in the Casino) and we took it up to our room. We had a little nap after eating and watching Shark Tank then went down and played in the Casino a bit. We played off $40 ($20 each) and I came back with just under $30 so not too bad haha. 

I wish I didn't have to go to work tomorrow. Blah. Probably time to go in though since I teleworked last Thurs/Friday and then was off for 3 days. Darn!

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

I love that button! It would also make a nice handle on a cabinet. LOL

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