Sunday, August 28, 2022


Good morning happy Sunday! Why does the weekend have to go by so fast? I pretty much sewed and playing in my sewing room all day yesterday (surprise!)

Trevor got tired of hearing me scream when Tina jumped on top of the thread case and stuffed a box up there. So far it's working!

Finished up the "mixed characters" keychains

I worked on Moana at the same time as those keychains so those got done too

and then made up some of the Monster's fabric. I think I just bought this and ended up with a larger piece because it was the "end of the bolt" and I got a discount. Didn't use it all but they are cute!

I was using this fabric for the lining of those bags and noticed it was from 1961. 61 year old fabric! Not sure where I got that one from lol. Probably the thrift store.

Next up is Nemo and then I still have
Peter Pan
Mixed Princesses (I have a lot of these)
Toy Story
Villain's and Winnie The Pooh.

Aye aye aye that's a lot to go still. I thought I was out of fusible fleece but I just looked right and found the rest haha. Guess I'm good to sew a bit longer.

When I was selling all that quilting lady's fabric there were so many small pieces and I was tired of messing with it so I stuffed them by color groups into padded flat rate envelopes (and one box) and tried to sell them but I didn't get any bites. I want to use the box they are in so I've been working on "cleaning them up" but putting them on my small cards. The real small pieces are just thrown into the scrap can to go through later.

Doesn't this look like Jamba Juice?

Finished up the blue/purple bag I had

This was one bag of yellow & orange & cream and some white

all cleaned up (minus the coffee can haha)

and now onto the depressing. Ugh Ringworm wtf. Posting here to document.
Here is the one on my neck. I always have little red spots so I think I just have the one there but we'll find out I guess. 

These 2 on the back of my arms I thought were but bites and had picked at so they are scabby.

This bitch hurt so much yesterday. 

2 more on my left arm. Plus a couple small ones on my shoulders. 

Hopefully they go away without getting bigger and more disgusting.  My skin is so blotchy it's hard to tell if they are spots or not at first unless they start to itch or burn a bit. 

In other news my leg is healing up. 

BRB going to just put myself in a garbage can and put myself out on the curb. Sheesh. 

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