Monday, August 1, 2022


Good morning happy Monday. I am working from home today since I decided to get a Blizzard yesterday and then spent the rest of the day regretting it. Weird how sometimes stuff bothers me and others it is fine. My stomach is still not 100% today and I don't want to have to run across the complex in case of emergency/

I went to Joanns in the morning and got some more batting. Everything seems to cost $3 more now. $12 a yard but 1/2 off so almost the price it was before. Going to have to pay attention to when they do the 20% coupon on top of a sale again to get a whole bolt like I usually do.

I tried to go to the hospice shop to drop off my car load donations but they are now closed on Sunday. WTH. I will never understand businesses that cater to people shopping being closed on the weekend. Like that is the only time most people who work have time to shop. So weird. 

So I just came home and sewed for the rest of the day. I got this batch done, the picture doesn't do them justice they are so cute in person. Most of the black prints, well actually all the fabrics besides the dogs are from the quilters estate. Glad I'm using it up already ;)

I have some laundry going since everything I like to wear is dirty. Even set the timer so I won't forget and actually get it done.

Scott came over yesterday to unwind I guess. Maybe some day I'll get the rest of the front lawn mowed. Probably when I just go do it myself. 

Attempting to drink some coffee, hopefully it stays in. I need to get groceries today for sure. Hopefully Trevor will want to go shopping. 

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