Wednesday, August 24, 2022


Good morning happy hump day! I made it into work today. Not sure what I'm working on here since there isn't much to do. I did a few things already.

I worked on my mixed character Disney bags last night. I have on the right, the ones that didn't need piecing so I just put the zippers in, middle, pieced but no zipper yet and left still need some piecing and then zippers :) Getting to the point of how much more Disney fabric do I have because I'm ready to do something else haha. But it is good to use it up. I bought all these cute prints for a reason so I need to use them.

We had a late dinner of the Skinnytaste Sloppy Joe's. I was wishing I had bought nicer buns. These were the cheapies lol. I brought the left over meat and some rice to have for lunch.

Scott sent me this picture the other night. He said he went to wash his hands and found this in the sink drain (at his moms). So gross. Like how long was it in the drain and how did no one notice?

When he came over the other day he said his brother had finally came over and got the mail (always when he's not there). He had not got the mail for like 2 weeks so that means it had been that long since he went to his mom's. He's doing a great job in his promise to his dad to take care of her. Jerk. 

Ok off to find something to keep myself busy. It is so weird at work now since we have a new boss (which my boss is going to change to someone not even in this office October 1st) . She has no hustle to her, which is nice since she never panics but at the same time I'm like shouldn't we be stressed about things? Funny way of thinking I guess. 

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