Wednesday, August 31, 2022


Good morning happy hump day! Trevor just left with the pooper to go camping. I might have a couple days all by myself! Bra? What bra, we don't need no stinking bras.

Yesterday my boss told me I need to telework until I'm not contagious with my ringworm so who knows how long that will be. Although I went to the Dr yesterday and got an oral medication. I took one and my stomach has felt like it has a brick in it every since. Awesome. But I will have to endure if it gets rid of this crap. They are way less red already and so far haven't found any new ones.

Does anyone else's Dr office promote Botox? I find it so strange. 

I spent most of yesterday cutting out fabric. Went ahead and cut up all the Princess & Tinkerbell fabrics since I had them pulled out. I think I got all the linings cut out too except for a couple scraps to make keychains. I'm sure I will run out of batting before I get through all of these. 

Look at our weather for the next week. Good God. Please little wall air condition don't decide to crap out. That would be miserable. My friend has a wall air conditioner that isn't working and she makes excuses on why she can't get a new one (and it is not that she can't afford it). I just don't understand lol. I'd die.

I somehow ended up watching all these videos on FB called Audit the Auditor. They are mostly a person getting stopped by the police and their interactions and then they go through and say like what was legal/correct etc. I find them fascinating. Yes I know I'm a weirdo lol.

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Omg, no air and those Temps would be awful. And I know your humidity is low in comparison to the humid south but still!!!
Enjoy braless day!! I'll do the same and join ya!

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