Saturday, August 13, 2022


Good morning happy Saturday!

I remembered last night I forgot to do our last day in Reno! We had breakfast in the casino cafe. It was yummy! After we played around in the casino a bit until check out. Then we put our bags in the car and played a bit more. I ended up winning enough to be about even and then we left haha. We went to this big sporting store called Scheels and walked around. It is a huge outdoors store. They even have a small Ferris wheel inside. It was pretty neat. I would have loved it in my running/cycling days. We had In & Out for lunch and then drove home. I'm ready for another vacation already ;)

I cut 2 of Snookie's nails the other day before she got too mad. This is her being pissed off at me lol. Usually she lays right next to me.

Big Daniel brought these home from work yesterday. I guess one had already got killed in the parking lot. They were very very dirty. This is after their bath. They have some kind of stuff on them I think they got into. Mostly on their paws and faces, a bit on their ears.  Their poor little noses are all pink now from scrubbing them. Hopefully we can find some home for them. They are at Jessica's house for now. We gave them some tuna and then the baths and they perked up so much. 

Simon LOVES me. I swear she won't leave me alone. She comes in and loves on me so much. Lucy was whacking her here it was funny. 

She is so big and she's only like 4 months old. She is almost as big as Rusty now.

Lucy says it is time for bed mom. She comes and gets me around 10 every night.

I finished up the Lion King bags last night

Here is the Little Mermaid fabrics that are next. I have a few keychains started so that is good. I'm getting tired of making the little bags lol. I have to keep going though! I want to use these fabrics up. People love the Disney characters at the craft shows too.

Going to have to do an Instacart order we have no food here again. I really need to go do a big grocery shop but I don't want to.

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

The picture of you with the dog looks like he's smiling at the camera!

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