Monday, August 29, 2022


Good morning happy Monday!
Still working at home since I have rings on me. 2 new spots on my face. I hope I can keep them small and get them to go away quick. Trevor found where the apple cider vinegar got stashed to so I'm doing some swabbing with that in between the meds. Hopefully it helps.

Of course yesterday I mostly sewed all day. I got Nemo done

Next up is Peter Pan, got those cut out, next is to cut out the batting.

left to do:
Mixed Princesses 
Toy Story
Villain's and Winnie The Pooh.

I did the last bag of scraps. I thought there were 2 but the other has silky type scraps I have no interest in playing with those those will go in the donation bag. 

Lots of small pieces went into the over flowing coffee can.

Next up is this big box. 

Rusty keeps trying to off himself with my iron. He has free roam of the whole house but has to sit in this narrow area and try to off himself. Silly dog.

Scott came over to hang out on the couch and be sad I cancelled Direct TV yesterday. It was still working while he was here though lol.  $130 a month I can put towards my car payment. Should be debt free soon! I stopped my student loan payments since that will get taken off now. So just the car which is under $6k now and that NYL loan which is between 3 and 4. Going to work on the car first.  

I made the spinach lasagna roll ups for dinner last night. They turned out beautiful. I put the broiler on for about 5 minutes after I uncovered it.

Today's plan is work (booo), finish the Peter Pan, and then probably work on that last box of scraps.  Trevor is planning on going camping and asked me if I'd make him some potato salad. Not sure what day he is going but he said he was going to go to the store today. So I see making that in my near future.

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