Friday, August 12, 2022


Hello happy Friyeah! Already home from work and I could go for a nap lol. I am going to start sewing these Lion King bags up shortly. Last night I got them all cut out and ready to go.

Look at little Princess Lilly isn't she the cutest smiling!

She is 2 months old today! Pictures stolen from her mom lol.

Today is a tad bit disappointing. They flew the job I was going to apply for but I don't think I am going to apply now since it has nothing to do with the current job I am doing. We all thought it was going to be like a current job that people have but the questions it asks for your experience are like budget and weird things I don't do. So poop on that one. Oh well I'd rather keep doing most of what I already do. They are going to change that around a bit too but apparently it's just going to be a surprise here's your new job duties in October or something. Stupid. 

This upper boss guy just popped into the office today and wanted to talk to everyone. He was like your office is doing great. I'm like yeah we have a system and now you're going to change it. Stupid. lol.

Anyhow! I may have picked up 2 big bags of fabric yesterday off Marketplace to add to my selling collection. I haven't even brought it in the house yet lol. I need to do at least one listing this weekend and try to sell some stuff. Also put what hasn't sold on eBay or Etsy. I like Etsy better but eBay doesn't have any fees to list so if it doesn't sell you aren't out anything. 

Well that's all the excitement here. Guess I'll get to sewing!

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