Tuesday, August 1, 2023


Good morning happy Tuesday! August already! This year is flying by. 
I woke up stuffy again and with no voice. WTH. Trevor is happy I can't yell at him lol. After being up I'm not as stuffy so that is good. My throat is just a bit scratchy. Hopefully I won't be sick by Monday for my work trip. 

Yesterday I went back through the fabric I was selling on the Facebook group and pull out all the bulky stuff and stuff that I don't think would sell. I put it on the Buy Nothing group and someone I actually know wants it so that is good. I was going to take it when I go to swim at my friend's today but I decided not to go since I'm a little sick still.

My closet area is looking so much better. The green bin is almost empty. It was full of fabric from my aunt's mom that I forgot about. I put that for sale with the rest of the "good" stuff that hadn't sold and made a new post. 

I sold about $200 worth of fabric and some zippers out of that. Works for me! I have one more package that is paid for but she wants to wait for my next post and one left to pay still. 

Next up is to work on these bins that have small pieces. they will have to be ironed so it will take awhile. I'm going to do a sale with just remnants.

Finally brought in my "free' stuff from the curb. This is what's left, not too bad. I tried to give away my baskets I hoard and they came back in lol. 

Tina says empty box? It's mine!

I still need to bring in my garage sale finds and go through them. Probably refill that green box haha.
I have to run into the office to mail out a few letters today. I'll drop off my packages after that. I'll be glad when they stop making selections to fund more contracts since we are almost to the end of the fiscal year. It's like dragging on forever.

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