Friday, August 4, 2023


Good morning happy FriYEAH!

Yesterday I finished going through the bigger pieces of scraps and put them on the FB group. Sold quite a bit of them so that is good.

Worked in my sewing room til it was time for darts. We lost by one game so that was a bummer. We only have one game left. Next week is a by week so we'll be done in 2 weeks then it will be the fall/winter league again.  I am planning on still playing since it's a good way to get out once a week with little commitment lol. 

I started thinking about what I'm going to do in a hotel for all of next week. I think I might make up some yo-yo rounds to take with me and maybe my box of buttons to sew on cards. Both of those won't take up much room/weight in my luggage. 

Today I need to serge the edges of some fabrics that need to be washed. That's my main goal for the day since they are on the floor in the sewing room. Might work on cleaning up the smaller scraps left over into strips. 

Should probably do some laundry today too. I did start the washer already this morning so go me! I need to set my timer to go out and change it in a bit.

How many pictures do I have of my Colorado Trip? Just a few!

After we left the park we were ready for some food so we stopped at the Wayfinder.

I got this drink

It was good but I was surprised it was $15! when we got the bill. Good thing the waiter never came back after we got our food for me to order a 2nd one lol

I got this blue cheese bacon burger. It was ok once I added ketchup to it. The fries were gross. At least I was full for $19.50

My friend got a crab salad. It was $28 we found out after we got the bill haha. Does that look like a $28 salad? 

The waiter had taken our order, brought out my drink and we never saw him again. I'm usually an ok tipper but come on! Some other guy brought out our food and tried to give me someone else's order. Luckily he had just picked up the wrong plate because he came right back with mine. That was the end of their service before we got the big bill! Plus there was flies buzzing around so that place was a big bummer.

After our Linner we went to the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory for Sarah's apple she wanted. I got a more chocolate one and ate it later for a snack. Good thing they cut them for you. They are ok but not really worth $12.

The next day we got up, packed up and just had Starbucks for breakfast. Worked for me!

After that we hit the road and stopped at a thrift store and then we went to fun place called The Craft Box. It is a store with previously owned sewing and paper craft supplies. Like my sewing room! Haha. I bought a few things but didn't spend a ton of money since I need more fabric like I need a hole in the head. I did buy 4 packs of page protectors for my scrapbooks. Those will definitely get used.

After that it was onto the airport! The Denver airport is way bigger than the San Jose airport for sure. The whole checking your baggage area there for Southwest is very confusing. They have a lot of the little kiosk things to print your sticker and then behind them is the place where you check in your luggage but there are lines everywhere and it's hard to figure out what is going where. I made it through and then waiting in the long line for security. Somehow I got in the line that didn't do the x ray machine so that was good.

After I took the underground train to the right area I got an over priced burrito and waited for it to be time to board. 

I saw my suitcase chilling out there waiting to board too haha. 

Somehow I still got a window seat which was nice. I made sure to not get one over the wing this time.

I think the girl next to me just got done with a romantic week with a guy. She was all happy looking at pictures lol. Ahh fresh love is like no other. 

Almost home and look at all the snow on the hills still. You'd think it would all be gone when it's been the 100's.

When I got off the plane and was walking towards the baggage area these two little girls were racing to "get to dad first". Soon there was one girl crying hysterically because her sister beat her. Sheesh sibling rivalry anyone? Some lady asked her husband why he didn't great her that way lol I said the only person who gets that excited to see me is my dogs! 

And on point Scott pulled up and put my bag in the car (at least he did that) and just gets in the car. It's ok I don't need a welcome home kiss lol. Old love?

Then we got to drive home in commuter traffic but he took all the back roads so we saved like 5 minutes according to the map on my phone. Whew.  I'm super excited to do commuting again with him next week for my work trip.

While I was gone I sold all this on eBay. My store has been pretty quiet this week. It's like they know you are on vacation and show it to more people. Which is good since I made money while I was spending it ;)

Ok I guess I should take care of the 3 emails of work stuff I have to do and go get another cup of coffee!

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