Sunday, August 27, 2023


Good morning happy Sunday! It is quiet here at the moment. Trevor is still asleep and Simon already did her zoomies haha. I have 2 hours left of messing around before it's time to clean up!

Yesterday Scott and I picked up Daniel and took him to my brother's for little Joe's party. He is 5 already. Time goes quick and we lost 2 years because of Covid it feels like.

The little girl next to him has been at a few parties and she is just the cutest.

his sister Stella, isn't she adorable!

Daniel found this Buzz and dinosaur in the toy box there and played with it the entire time. Except when he was in the pool and then he even got out to go play with it more.

My brother has a great set up with all the kids stuff. They have 3 5 and under now and then Adrian will be 13 next month.

Blue frosting lol. Everyone looked like they ate a Smurf.

My mom hid Buzz right before we left so he wouldn't try to take it home and OMG he was so sad. He cried all the way home except for when he passed out asleep for a few minutes. Then he cried when he woke up. I may have just ordered him one like the one he was playing with. It's a little different than the one he has at home lol. Hey I can spoil him if I want ;)

Tubby sitting in the baby bouncer. It's basically hers now.

After we got home I got my zip bags sewn up. I was really tired of sewing them after a bit but I was watching a good documentary. It was called Stolen Youth (on Hulu). About this guy who ended up making a little cult like with a bunch of college students. It's crazy how one person can eff up so many people. What a sicko!

Now to iron all the bags but I have to kick Tina off my ironing mat. I wish I had enough room to put a full sized ironing board in here now. I had one and ended up tossing it since it was too clunky. It was an old one too so maybe a newer one wouldn't be so bad. 

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