Sunday, August 6, 2023


Good morning happy Sunday! I am babysitting today so just a bit of time before the big clean up :) I have laundry going so I can pack my bag for a week away from home. 

Yesterday I turned this mess

Into this. Ahh much better. So now I just have a little bit of fabric that didn't sell in the bin and everything else from the big fabric pick up I did is put away/sold/given away.

I was feeling like sewing so I pulled out the basket that had a few things cut out and ready to sew in it.
This is all upholstery samples I got from What Not.

Zip bags

Then I did these wine bags

Might as well do this tote bag 

and then I was like well it's 10pm but I'm not that tired I'll just sew this last one up too. I should have put some batting in it though, it just feels like a cheap bag without it. Oh well it is sewn up and will go in a tote for the craft shows.

Scott is here cooking something so once I've eaten that I will get to cleaning. I need to get the house cleaned up for the kids and get my stuff all packed. This time tomorrow I'll be on a plane going to Spokane for the week! 

Oh I guess I should pack something to do too lol. I did buy a cheap puzzle at the grocery store to take with me but I should maybe take something crafty to do too. 

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