Monday, August 7, 2023


Hello Happy Monday! I made it to Spokane and so far I only forgot my straight iron on the kitchen table. 

Yesterday was kids day! It took a whole two hours before he dumped out the toy bin. I think that's a record.

First he had some snuggle with his Papa. I'm a bit jealous. He snuggles right in there. Although he did want me to lay on my bed with him and got jealous of his sister being snuggled up with me lol.

She's so dang cute. I'm glad she is over her screaming and barfing phases. She was really good yesterday and only through a fit when I took her in the living room when I was cooking and feeding the dogs. 

We all ate too many GoGurts. I'm pretty sure that is why my stomach was a gas making machine this morning. Thank God that got calmed down before I got to the airport.

I stayed up late putting laundry away, cleaning up, packing and then I took a shower before bed. I set my alarm for 4:20 and actually got up then. Probably why I forgot my hair straightener lol.

I drove into town so Scott could take me to the SF airport. I wanted to leave earlier than last time to hopefully miss some traffic. I think we missed a little bit but there was still quite a bit. I dozed a bit on the way.

We had to take 2 tries to get into the correct lane at the airport. It's amazing how people will just not let you in. Like why are you an asshole? We will all get there still.  I just had him drop me off before we got to the right area because I had to go to the bathroom so bad I was afraid I was going to pee my pants. TG there was a bathroom really close to the door. 

I got to the right place, got my bag dropped off, went through a super short security line which was crazy and then found some breakfast. This breakfast burrito was huge! I had it for breakfast and lunch and I'm still not hungry. 

I was at the airport super early because of trying to miss the traffic and then at the last minute they delayed my flight 40 minutes. Y.e.a.h. 

I was so tired by the time we got on the plane I actually dozed a bit before we took off. I don't think I actually slept once the plane took off. I started watching the Freedom George Michael doc. 

Look there's trees when you come into Spokane! Who would have thought ;) They were saying it was 70 something when we were landing. I'm not sure what they were reading because it's freaking hot here. 

I had to take a Lyft from the airport to the hotel. That's kind of scary. I've only done that one other time when I went to Chicago for my friends marathon.  The guy was not chatty so I shut up after a sec lol

The hotel is old but the inside of the rooms is pretty nice. Although you can see yourself in the closet mirror if you are sitting on the toilet. Don't ask me how I noticed haha.

I found the closest CVS/Rite Aid/Walgreens on the map and walked to Rite Aid. There are a lot of homeless druggy people here I've notice already. I was sweating like crazy by the time I got back and it says it's 81. I'm pretty sure they are all lying lol.

So now I have water, snacks, a hair straightener (they actually had the exact one I have so now I have a spare) and some diet coke. The room does not have a microwave or I would have got some canned soup and something else to eat. There is a Chili's across the way and a ton of restaurants one street over but I didn't see any cheaper fast food in walking distance the way I went. 

So here is my fun for tonight. I brought this puzzle I picked up from the grocery store and I have my laptop so I can watch my You Tube or movies. I should have brought an HDMI cable to hook it up to the TV. I can't stand watching regular TV now with all the commercials.

My Civil Rights class starts downstairs at 8 tomorrow morning so I can just relax until then.

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Enjoy your time in Spokane. Was there once many years ago and I don't recall it being that great. But again, it was 30 years ago. Hopefully it's nicer now. Be safe!!

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