Monday, August 21, 2023


Hello happy not working Monday! I won't have very many more of these now that I have used up all my vacation time!

Yesterday I got the batting fused onto the bags and picked out zippers. I had to order more zippers though since I didn't have enough matching ones. So those should be here by the time I get back from my little trip. I cleaned up my sewing desk a bit yesterday and it feels so much nicer. 

I got the house cleaned up (Scott got up to vacuum right when I was going to do it so that was helpful) and then the little buddies came over. 

I got a couple snuggles from this guy. I had to ask his mom what he actually eats besides crackers so I can have something next time. He doesn't want anything I try to feed him for dinner.

Scott took his usual nap. 

I pulled out my rocking horse and Rosie loved it! I sat in front of her and rocked it. Daniel told her she had to get down lol. He tried it a bit too but couldn't totally get the hang of it on his own. Probably would be easier if it wasn't on the rug.

She took two steps while she was here so she'll probably be walking next week.  She apparently thinks Lion King is hilarious so we put it on and she watched most of it. Super cute to hear her little laughs.

Look at her cute little toes

Snookie was so funny laying on my old phone toy. 

I woke up this morning to a noise and it didn't take me long to figure it out it is the tape on my sliding glass door in my room. With the "hurricane" down south we have a little wind and it's coming from that direction (don't worry we are way inland lol). The tape on the door was making little noises as the wind was blowing through. Pissed me off first thing. Like when is that door going to get replaced? I guess I'm going to have to hire someone to do it.

And then Scott messaged me that his mom fell out of her bed. He's not sure if she's hurt or not since she fell back to sleep so he's taking the day off to watch her. We'll see where this all ends up going. 

I'm currently waiting for my clothes in the dryer so I can finish packing. The plan is to pick up my mom at 11 and then do some thrifting on the way to Reno. I'm calling this a thrifting trip :)

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