Wednesday, August 30, 2023


Good morning happy hump day! Today at 6 my neighborhood is having a town hall meeting. Apparently the BOD signed a contract to allow a cell phone tower to be placed inside the club. We all found out about it when the county sent something out. People are like well you should have attended the board meetings and you would have known about it. Everyone is like uh maybe we should have had the chance to vote on it? I'm pretty sure it goes against our rules to lease the property out like that but they have supposedly signed a contract already. The meeting should be interesting. I wonder if they can get them to back out of it. I'd rather not have that so close to my (and my kids/grandkids) house.

In other news I ran out of keychain clips yesterday so this is what I got finished. I ordered some more so I'll circle back to the unfinished ones since they are close to being done.

I pulled out some fall/Halloween fabrics to cut up for coasters. I have so many of these fabrics. I think I collected a lot when making masks and then in other people's stuff I ended up with. Starting with the smaller pieces cutting them out. 

Speaking of masks did you see they are being required some places again? New York mostly. Maybe I won't cut the unsold ones I have up quite yet. Might bring them back out for my October craft show. Last time the mess started in NY and made its way here so I imagine that will happen again if we really are having another wave. Lets pray it goes away quick.

We got an email that we get off 2 hours early on Friday for the holiday weekend. That is always so nice when they do that. 

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Rick's occupational therapist came back from Italy with covid. We have begun wearing them as much as he can. He wears it there for PT and OT. He can't for speech. He doesn't need covid on top of this stroke issue. It's getting bad here so even though vaccinated he just doesn't need the stress on his lungs and heart you know?

Julie H said...

@Peg yeah for sure! One of my neighbors said she just tested positive too.

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