Friday, August 18, 2023


Good morning happy Friday! Who is ready for a 5 day weekend? Me! 
Work is so disappointing lately. Blah. I decided I'd take my vacation days off after all. Still debating on my free rooms in Reno lol.

I finished up my cat bags yesterday

A couple flowers that got in the mix and a scrappy one

Keychains out of the extra paw print

Then I took my roll of 1.5" scraps I had made into scrap rolls and then added another roll from my "sew it later bin" and put them all together. 

I will probably make a tote bag out of it. I definitely have enough. I need to get some more of the batting for those though. 

Now what to work on? I should do a round of sports probably. Blech. People love those though.

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