Saturday, August 19, 2023


Good morning happy Saturday!

This is where I went to bed last night lol. What a mess! I'm almost done piecing together stuff. I just have to do the sports ones I have pulled out. I had went through my unfinished projects and pulled out the red white and blue-ish stuff to work on along with a few sports fabrics I pulled out.

My mom wanted to go to lunch yesterday and she said she wanted to go to Reno with me next week so that is on. Should be fun. I want to hit some thrift stores on the way up. Mostly those few in the Sacramento area that I went to back in January.

I'm listening to our neighborhood board meeting on Zoom. They finally got that back up again. The meetings can be really long so I don't like to go to them in person.

Right now this one guy is trying to get this other guy kicked off the board and all the committees lol. No one likes the guy proposing it lol. Gotta love politics.

I need to set my alarm today to get up and move around more my feet got so swollen last night. This happens every summer when it gets hot. So annoying. 

That's all I have for today so far. Nothing too exciting!


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