Monday, August 8, 2022


Good morning happy Sunday! Melissa is on her way to pick me up for our little vacation woohoo. 
Yesterday I mostly sewed all day. 

I got these keychains done, most of them were already all pieced together and just needed to be sewn

and these bags are ALMOST done but will have to wait til the end of the week to be finished.

I'm looking forward to not taking care of six animals for a day haha. 
I ordered some Instacart for Trevor since there is no food in the house. 
I should be washing some dishes but they will be here when I get back if he doesn't wash them right? 

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Sunday, August 7, 2022


Hello happy Sunday! I still have 3 more days off so I can say that haha. 

Yesterday I did a bunch of cleaning, a little sewing and had a little bit of time with this little guy! He was so cute he was so excited to come over when I got there. Scott picked him up a Happy Meal since he was on his way here and we were planning on going out to dinner later. I have hardly any food in the house, I should probably go shopping. It works well for me to not eat a bunch of crap though. Can't over eat if I don't have a bunch of junk around. 

We watched the new Buzz Lightyear movie. Well it was on but I thought it was kind of boring so I didn't really watch watch it. After it was over I took him home so we could go to dinner.

Jess sent me this picture of Lilly earlier in the little Pooh Bear outfit I had bought for Daniel when he was tiny. She's so cute!

Scott and I were talking about where to go for dinner and Trevor was like "so are you just going to leave me here?" lol. So here is our 3rd wheel date partner.

We went to sushi. This is the Philadelphia Experiment

Left is the "In & Out" and right is the "Rainbow"

We got one more but apparently I forgot to take a picture. The Albacore Roll which was hella spicy. The waitress forgot to put that down when we ordered it so it took a long time to get it. Then they took forever to bring us the check. They were supposed to close at 9. We thought we were pushing it getting there at 8:30 but they seated about 6 tables after we got there including a party of about 8 after it was already 9pm. 

Scott spent almost all day here and stayed the night too so that was nice. Almost like he lives here.  He went home to take care of his mom and said he'd be back but we'll see if he shows up or not.

Today's plan is to probably work on my Lilo & Stitch stuff some more and I should probably do a bit of laundry. Super exciting!

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Saturday, August 6, 2022


Good morning happy Saturday!! Wohooo the weekend is here. Doesn't quite seem to be off to a great start but maybe it will get better. Scott got here bright in early to check the brakes on my car before it gets hot  sit in the recliner and look at his phone. Of course he's wondering if we have anything here for breakfast so Trevor is making us something. 

Yesterday I whipped up these Incredibles bags. I only made 3 since that is not very popular but I have had people ask in the past. Next up is Lilo & Stitch. 

When I was going through the fabrics on the book case to see if I had any there I found another Incredibles print but I don't want to make any more of those so into the file cabinet it went. I started cutting apart the Lilo's but stopped to go to the movies with my mom and niece. I asked Trevor if he wanted to go too and he did, and then my nephew also came. 

We saw Where the Crawdad's Sing. It was really good and now I want to read the book. Afterwards we went to Red Robin across the parking lot. I wasn't really all that hungry so I got a little pizza so I could pick at it and take the rest home for later. It wasn't that good at all so maybe it will be better for lunch.

Today's plan once all these men get out of my way is to clean the floors and pick up the little bits of clutter all over. If I get that done I might go get Daniel for a bit since he hasn't been over in awhile (if he's not busy ;)). 

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Friday, August 5, 2022


Good morning happy Friday! Who is looking forward to 5 days off? Me of course haha.

Yesterday I finished all the Frozen bags I was working on. 
They all have prints on the back sides too. Next up is the Incredibles. Probably will only make a couple with that fabric since it is not as popular.


Working from home today but so far I've had one email to work on. Hopefully it will be a chill day.


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Thursday, August 4, 2022


Good morning happy Telework Thursday! So happy to be working from home today yesterday was brutally boring at work. At least here I have something I can do while I wait for an email.  Although the animals are super annoying in the morning. Rusty has already forgetting he went out to do his business already and Tina is beating up Simon. 

I went to the Teriyaki Bowl place for lunch yesterday and they gave me this tiny spoon instead of a fork. That was fun! Nothing like a little challenge with your lunch. I need to get back to taking my lunch now that we can use our break room again. I was just thinking this morning I can't even remember the last time I cooked lol. I think it was throwing stuff in the crock pot last Saturday.  Last night I had a corn dog and a slice of frozen pizza, super healthy ;)

After work I got busy right away working on my Frozen bags. Finally got them all sewn out to the correct sizes and now I can get them assembled. First up is ironing on the fusible fleece. 

After Frozen we have the Incredibles. I mostly just have these strips that I had bought off someone. I sewed a bunch of them together before and made at least one bag I remember out of them and it is not on my inventory list so I must have sold it. I pulled them out so I can see them while I think about what to do with them next.

Ok off to find some coffee and take care of the 2 emails that I have to work on this morning!

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Wednesday, August 3, 2022


Good morning happy hump day! Made it into work again today. Blech. Going to ask if I can telework tomorrow and maybe Friday. Then I have 5 days off. Two for the weekend and 3 for a mini vacation to use my free hotel nights in Reno woohoo.

After work yesterday I went to take something to Jess and hung out to visit for a bit with the littles. Miss Lilly is getting in tune to what is going on around her. She likes to be able to see everything.  Sometimes she looks a bit like my baby pictures which is fun :)

When I got home I worked on my Frozen fabrics some more. All the pieces got a 2nd piece added to them and then trimmed up a bit. They are ready for another round when I get home today. I love working with these colors they are so nice. Also the colors I'm usually drawn to for clothing lol.

Not much else going on which is just fine by me ;)


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Tuesday, August 2, 2022


Good morning happy Tuesday! I made it into the office today but the main website I'm supposed to use is 404 not found haha. Gotta love the it. Glad I drove in to sit here.

Anyhow. Are you a clear all the alerts/notifications person like me or someone who has 2000 emails unread. I have to clear ALL the notifications they drive me crazy. This one is stuck. I can't tell you how much time I've wasted trying to figure out why it is there.

Yesterday I finished up my Dalmatians fabrics

and the Dumbo's. 

I pulled out the Frozen fabric I have and got the characters cut apart. They will require some piecing which I love so that will be fun.

I ended up going to Bunco to be a sub and had a great time. My mom and Cassi went too. My mom spent the night in her little trailer last night. Hopefully it wasn't too hot out there. I didn't go to sleep until after midnight and was awake around 6 so I should be fun today.  I started off my morning by dropping my phone between the bed and the wall WHILE the alarm was going off so that was a horrible start to the morning. 

Hopefully it is nice and low key for the rest of the day without alarms blaring! 
We got an email that we can use our bathrooms in our office now so I'm about ready to go check it out ;)


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Monday, August 1, 2022


Good morning happy Monday. I am working from home today since I decided to get a Blizzard yesterday and then spent the rest of the day regretting it. Weird how sometimes stuff bothers me and others it is fine. My stomach is still not 100% today and I don't want to have to run across the complex in case of emergency/

I went to Joanns in the morning and got some more batting. Everything seems to cost $3 more now. $12 a yard but 1/2 off so almost the price it was before. Going to have to pay attention to when they do the 20% coupon on top of a sale again to get a whole bolt like I usually do.

I tried to go to the hospice shop to drop off my car load donations but they are now closed on Sunday. WTH. I will never understand businesses that cater to people shopping being closed on the weekend. Like that is the only time most people who work have time to shop. So weird. 

So I just came home and sewed for the rest of the day. I got this batch done, the picture doesn't do them justice they are so cute in person. Most of the black prints, well actually all the fabrics besides the dogs are from the quilters estate. Glad I'm using it up already ;)

I have some laundry going since everything I like to wear is dirty. Even set the timer so I won't forget and actually get it done.

Scott came over yesterday to unwind I guess. Maybe some day I'll get the rest of the front lawn mowed. Probably when I just go do it myself. 

Attempting to drink some coffee, hopefully it stays in. I need to get groceries today for sure. Hopefully Trevor will want to go shopping. 

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Sunday, July 31, 2022


Good morning happy over cast Sunday!  Maybe it will end up being cooler today but I doubt it.

I was a good girl yesterday and attacked my to do project right away. I went from this

To this

All this is getting donated. The big blue tub of fleece I gave to a neighbor gal who has a ton of grandkids and she likes to make stuff out of it. It takes up way too much room for me. She picked it up immediately so that was nice.

Stole this from Jess, look at her! So cute! She's filling out now.

I spent the rest of the day yesterday sewing. I kept hearing "The puppies! The puppies are here!!" My kids watched that movie 500000 times lol. I have everything cut out except for the batting. I am showered and dressed so I can go to Joanns in a bit and get some. Also hopefully Hospice will take all the stuff to donate so I can get it out of my car. 

I got side tracked by all the scraps I had and spent a few hours trying this method of sewing them onto paper. Most people use those calculator rolls but I didn't have one so just used some copy paper strips I had saved. I don't know if it is because of the paper weight I had but I didn't like that a lot of the edges came undone when I took the paper off. Probably won't do it that way again. I ended up ironing them onto some interfacing to hold them together better. When I use them for something I'll have to make sure and use a wider seam allowance to catch all those loose seams.

Tina was so annoying yesterday. Finally gave her a bunch of loving and she retreated to her napping box.  She's like who me? I'm not annoying!

I need to so some laundry today too :( I hate doing laundry. Would be so much easier if it was in the house and not across the yard. Although I should get up and stretch more instead of sitting at my sewing table all day. 

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Saturday, July 30, 2022


Good morning happy Saturday! I've been awake for hours already. Dang animals!

On my lunch yesterday I went to the flea market and walked around just a tiny bit. I was there a bit too late so there wasn't much to look at. One of these days I want to go there on a Saturday when it is actually full. There are hardly any people selling on Fridays now. Look at this poor Jessie. 

Delicious lunch. These noodles don't look fancy but they are so good. They are a tiny bit crunchy and that kabob thing is the bomb.

After work I came home for a bit then went down to the bar to hang out with my friend Cassi and play darts. Traci was there too and this girl named Ann so we all played a round of cricket and I won!

Then Traci left but I won the next game too. That was exciting. I'm definitely going to sign up for dart season again when they have the next round. It is a lot of fun.

Someone brought some jello shots too, they were yummy. Scott actually came down and hung out for a bit and then came back to the house. He stayed the night and made some coffee before going to his mom's this morning. He said he'll come back later but we'll see ;)

Ok here it is, today's job. Bring this in the house and sort it out a bit.

I brought the black bag in to start. We've got tons of vintage zippers, some burlap, some cute Easter picks and some cute cow fabrics.

It is already hot in my house. Going to have to changed AC from 78 to 70 again. 

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