Monday, July 4, 2022


Hello happy 4th of July! Waiting for Scott to get here so we can go to my brother's house for a bbq. I don't think it will be hot enough for me to get in the pool today but maybe put my feet in.

Yesterday I worked on my fabric sales all day except for when Scott invited me to go to dinner. We went to Mexican and it was yummy. Oh he just drove up so I'll make this quick haha.

Yesterday's sales, all small pieces. I sold about $70 worth of fabric from these and some others from previous days. Not too bad. 

I've been working on another box that also has a lot of small pieces in it. I've been measuring them and then sorting them by size this time.  Of course when I got up this morning Tina and messed up my piles a bit. Damn cat.

These are bigger pieces

and then the ones I still need to clean up, iron and measure. Those will have to wait til later. Not as many as it looks since I just tossed them on a already mounding desk lol. Huge mess in here!

After these I have one more untouched box and then one with some more scraps and solids. Might just keep the solids since those are always good.

Ok need to get my shoes on so we can go! Have a fun 4th!


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Sunday, July 3, 2022


Good morning happy Sunday! It's happy since I still have 2 more days off haha. 

Here is my little talker nephew Little Joe from yesterday morning haha. 

After they went outside Scott showed up. No quiet for me haha. Although he mostly just took a nap in his recliner. He came home to take a covid test (negative) because he has a cold. Fun! Now this morning Trevor is full of snot too so now it is his turn. Hopefully I had both of theirs already and don't get something new. I'm still not all recovered from the last one.

Yesterday I listed all of these

and then ironed all these small pieces and cut the weird tails off of them and then put them on the FB group. I sold most of this pile.

yesterday's sales=$176.92
Total sales=$531.92

 I have another pile to iron and clean up set on my desk already. The woman cut little pieces out of the fabrics so they are in weird shapes, I cut them more straight so they are easier to measure & sell. I have a box of small scraps now too. Debating on what to do with those now. Throw them all in a box and sell it or keep them to play with. Leaning towards keeping them since I like the small pieces.

That's about the excitement around here. I have 2 full boxes of fabric left that I haven't touched yet. We'll see if I get to them today. Trying to get through what I have in my sewing room since I was making myself in a hole with all these boxes around me lol.


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Saturday, July 2, 2022


Good morning happy Saturday woohooo long weekend. And I got Tuesday off too to make it even longer. Yes I have hardly worked lately, it's been great haha.

Yesterday after work I went over to Jessica's to get Daniel but just ended up hanging out awhile since my mom was coming over to see the baby too. 

Great Grandbaby #2 for mom. She has 10 regular grandkids ages 28-1 

Stole this one from Jess, so cute. Sheba watching over her

I brought Daniel back with me to play. My mom is staying in her little trailer with my nephew Little Joe. He's been in and out of the house 586 times lol. He's cute but he is a full attention kid. Wants to engage the whole time so it's a bit exhausting. He says what a lot lol. He's going to be 4 the end of August. I'll have to get a picture before he goes home. 

He played with Daniel a bit but Daniel is still learning how to play right. He's not used to playing and sharing with other kids. He did pretty good yesterday though.

He was following the cat up the cat towers yesterday. Um yeah no climbing up there thanks!

Me trying to relax on the couch..

So far the plans for today were to have quiet while Trevor goes hiking but that might not happen since LJ is here in the backyard haha. He went back out, we'll see how long that lasts. My mom got a little pool but my back yard is so uneven it is all willy nilly. I think I will order some dirt to try to even it out a bit. We can start at one end and work our way over right? The backyard, well really my whole yard is super neglected. I'm sorry it's more fun to be sewing right now haha. I need like 26 more hours in a day to do everything I should do/want to do. 

I'm still a little bit sick too. I did my nose spray this morning and my face feels a little better. Coughing little bits of stuff up too so at least stuff is moving. My head was starting to hurt a bit last night so I took some Robitussin and slept like a baby. I think it is just my sinuses all messed up. If I'm still crappy on Tuesday maybe I'll go to the Dr. That would be 2 weeks of being sick. 

Scott asked me this morning if we have any covid tests in the house so I guess he's feeling a little sick too. He said probably just a cold coming on but just to be sure. He hasn't shown up to get it yet though.

Going to eat some breakfast then attempt to get another box of fabric out to go through! Hope it's one worth money haha. $1600 left on my credit card bill. I haven't been credit card free in like 20 years so it is rather exciting. I've been transferring the money from Paypal over to my bank at the end of the round of fabric sales and then padding it to make it an even number and putting it right on my bill. 

Little Joe just came back in with his Ipad :)

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Friday, July 1, 2022


Good morning happy Friday! We get off 2 hours early today for the holiday. I'm debating on asking for Tuesday off too, it's nice to make the weekends longer.

Yesterday after work I went to meet my friend Cassi at the UPS store to be a witness on some papers she had to get notarized. Then I ran into Safeway and got a few things for dinner and snacks. Jess asked me if I would make them dinner so I came home and made that for them and us (chicken potato bacon casserole thing I make all the time) and then took it over to her house. Got to snuggle with little Miss Lillian for a bit

Daniel was mad we weren't going to my house for a minute. He's watching his movie while he eats his french fries. I guess that's his favorite meal right now haha.

I left there and then went to the bar and played 2 games of darts with Cassi and another guy. Can't think of his name at the moment but he's the guy I always called Chuck Norris when I went to the gym lol. I had the worst headache last night and got up and took some pain reliever and eventually it went away but now I have a headache again this morning. Wondering if it's just sinus pressure or what. Took a bunch of meds this morning, hoping it goes away soon. 

Peggy this is the vitamins I bought, I think it has all the stuff covered.

This is how they left the concrete outside my work entrance. I'm wondering what's going to go in the section with nothing.  I'm still trying to figure out what they changed. Maybe some planter boxes or something.

No plans for tonight but my mom is coming out with my nephew to stay in her little trailer. She brought a bunch of crap over :) She said she bought a little pool and a slide and who knows what else. At least it's not 105 anymore. I was just looking and it's just supposed to be in the 80's. 

I've been trying to do my time card for about an hour but the website is so slow. I have to use all these weird codes and nothing is connecting so it's a pain in the butt. Not helping the headache!

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Thursday, June 30, 2022


Good morning happy Friday eve!
Yesterday I was busy all day long working on my fabric sales and working from home for work also. I made about $170 from my post I put up on Tuesday night. Another almost two hundred dollars to put on the credit card bill! I've got less than 2k on there now so it will be gone before we know it. Then I'm down to a small parent student loan (what's left is small compared to where it started lol) and my car. Then I'll be debt free woohoo.

Yesterday there was a fire that went really close to where my mom's cabin is (where Jess lives). I went over to see how bad it was and ended up standing out  there for like an hour. I of course got a bit sunburnt. Sheesh. 

This is standing on the porch, the fire is one street over and then behind the levee. It was a bit windy too so that was scary.

Here is a picture that the fire dept posted on FB. They said it was 10 acres.  The boonies as we all it is pretty much burnt out. The last time this area caught on fire they used a helicopter to dip into the river.  This time they just had a bunch of fire/water trucks.

After work I went and got Daniel to come play, this is the chaos haha

Miss Lillian all snuggled up when I went to get him

and yesterday I finally saw all the tiny kittens that are living on the side of our garage. We get so many feral kittens over there. Maybe some day we'll get rid of all Scott's crap so it won't be so tempting for them with all the places to hide. They are adorable though. I think I counted 5 of them. If I wasn't dealing with puppy stuff I'd try to catch them to do some fix and release/rehome/tame but I've got enough chaos going on right now.

TG the construction stuff at work isn't too loud today. I've had a headache all morning. Probably dehydrated from my hour of sun yesterday. Plus Aunt Flo just showed up. Fun times! Some day that witch will leave me alone haha.

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Tuesday, June 28, 2022


Good morning happy Tuesday! It took me about 15 minutes to figure out how to get into my work building this morning since they blocked off 2 of the ways. That was fun. 

Jess sent me this picture yesterday, look how light her hair is already. Wonder if we'll have another towhead?

After work yesterday I worked on putting these fabrics on the FB destashing group. I got some claims and everyone paid right away. I made about $80

This is what was left. I put it in a box with the leftovers from the first sale. I'm going to do a few then I'll go back and combine the left overs into a new one.

I went and got another big box out of my room. It has a lot of smaller pieces so I have more than 50 measured out so far. Lots of Asian and Batik pieces. Thinking I might split out the Asian ones and do them by themselves in a listing but maybe not lol.

It is not looking any cleaner in here haha

I am making a pile of the smaller pieces and the ones I cut off to make the edges even and I think I'll clean those up later and make them in groups. Maybe lol.

This morning Trevor go up super early and left. I sent him a message later asking where he went and he said he went to work with his dad. Hopefully that's a good time now lol. I'm sure Scott will love that.

It took me forever to get ready this morning. Got up, took the dogs out, and then took a shower. My hair has been falling out lately. Like a lot. I'm probably going to be bald by Christmas. I just ordered some vitamins off Amazon hopefully they will help. If not I'll get to try out a buzz cut and start wearing hats I guess. 

I weighted myself this morning thinking I had gained back all the weight I had lost since I haven't been very good lately and I actually lost 2 pounds since March lol. I guess I'm just bloated sometimes. I need to get back to taking the bile salt pills, that helped a lot with that.  I completely fell off the take care of myself train at the end of being at Scott's mom's house. 

I had green snot this morning which was disgusting. I was like great I have a sinus infection. But then I was looking it up and it says that it just means your body is doing a good job of fighting off an infection. Hmmm weird. I'm doped up on Robitussin and Flonase at work today and wearing a pad in case I cough or sneeze. Gotta love getting old.

I guess I should actually do some work although I really don't want to haha. We are supposed to wear masks at work since we've had so many covid cases and I just grabbed a paper one this morning. It is like wearing a pad on your face. Currently hanging from my ear...

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Monday, June 27, 2022


Hello happy Monday. Coughhh cough cough coughhh
Oh wait I peed myself when I was coughing. Good thing I learned and put a pad on. 
Welcome to 48.

Anyhow, working from home today since I'm a mess.  Working my way through 100 emails. I got all the crap sorted out lol.

You'll be so proud of me! I got my 51 fabrics up on the destash site and sold $75 worth! I still have a bunch of these but hey, some are leaving. Most of these were from the thrift store that I got before the free bags of stuff.  There was a little bit of the free stuff mixed in too.

I was like well that was good I'll work on this next box. Ugh how boring. These are for my keeper pile for now but yuck. Going to have to find a project to use up all those boring light fabrics. 

The next box is much more fun! I've been working through this one (yesterday) and got 22 fabrics to add to my next sale (so far). My goal is 50 a day. Hey maybe I can pay off my credit card faster this way ;) For the fabrics I like that are large enough I'm keeping 1/2 a yard and then selling the rest. A lot of this last box are larger pieces unlike those neutral colors which were mostly small pieces. 

Trevor is playing around in the kitchen. He was already trying to get rid of the ice dispenser tray that I put all the bagged stuff in the freezer in (we don't have water to our fridge-old house). I don't understand why he has to try and take over my stuff haha.  Hopefully he's not making too big of a mess in there.

My friend had to go to CVS and brought me some Robitussin so I'm feeling a tiny bit better at the moment. Might need a nap soon..

While I was out from work another person in the office tested positive for Covid. Glad I wasn't there!

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Sunday, June 26, 2022


Good morning happy Sunday! Although I'm not too happy that I have to work tomorrow. Booo Hisss. I'm coughing my head off though so might see if I can work from home. I need to go hit the inhaler and take some allergy meds. That seems to help.

This morning I had dog pee on my bed, ants in the kitchen and a hyper puppy eating all kinds of stuff she's not supposed to. Wooohoo. So the dishes are washed and the first load of bedding is in the washer. Thank God for waterproof mattress pads. AND to boot redoing half this post because it disappeared and didn't publish.

Yesterday I worked on my patchwork zip bags. I got almost done but started tossing a few things and just saved the last couple to do later because I was tired of them.

My fan club

Simon would like to be my lap dog.

Last night I started cleaning up all the crap in on my desk. So much stuff from my neighbor lady that died, the other neighbor bringing me all that stuff, some stuff from the thrift store and stuff I pulled out from my shed! I'm drowning. 

This is majorly improved from yesterday haha

I started cutting some larger pieces of fabric down to sell. I will keep a small piece and sell the rest of the ones I like. I am thinking of going through my book case that has the large pieces of fabric and doing the same with those but that would be dumb to start before all the loose stuff I have around. My goal is to get 50 pieces down then list them on the Facebook destashing group. Hopefully that still works since FB keeps making things difficult. I have a bunch of patterns too. I will probably just try to resell them there first and then put what is left on my Etsy. 

I asked Trevor if he wanted to go to the store for us. He said maybe. Hoping he decides to go since we are out of everything. I don't really want to go myself since I'm coughing. We might have to just eat potatoes for dinner haha. And yes I know I overthink going to the grocery store WAY too much.

Ok hopefully this works this time!

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Saturday, June 25, 2022


Good morning happy Saturday! This morning I asked my son what time he was working today and he told him he had quit his job. So guess no alone time for me for a bit. Nice.. Hopefully he gets into some community college program he says he applied for.

Anyhow! I finished all my tote bags yesterday! I did the last 2 with the fusible fleece and they are way thinner. Definitely like the other batting better but they are all done.

The last string blocks one

and then these 2 have the 1 1/2" strips

Today I am going to work on all the zip bags to finish off the stuff from this project! I don't think I'll finish it all but maybe.

My head was so congested last night I found my nose spray (flonase) and used it and went to bed. I woke up with the worst headache and had to get up to take some ibuprofen. I still have a little bit of the headache left but all the congestion is gone. So weird. I am doing a little bit of coughing but hopefully that will be done real quick.

I got all the clothes washed yesterday I just have to put them away. I need to wash my bedding today too. Currently I have the sprinkler going. My yard looks absolutely horrible. Oh and I got everything off the front porch finally yesterday too. Just need to go through the stuff that was leftover from the yard sale and decide what to do with it. I did a little bit yesterday. Some stuff went into the trash. Some stuff I'll keep and some stuff with get donated I think!

Tina says it's a great day to relax ;)

I think for my next sewing project when I finish this is to put the backing on the denim quilt top I had made. I already washed the backing so I just need to sew it together. Shouldn't take too long. 

I still don't have any groceries. Might send the kid now since he's unemployed...

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Friday, June 24, 2022


Good morning happy Friday! It is my last day off boohoo.

I am sick still and have a runny nose and a bit of coughing. I just took an allergy pill to see if that helps a bit (it did yesterday). Last night I was digging through my medicine to find something before bed and everything left expired in 19 or 20. Time to refill the medicine basket. I took another Covid test last night and still negative so just a cold for sure.

Yesterday I watched Daniel for several hours, we watched a bunch of movies, Luca (I only half paid attention to that one but he watched a good portion), Aristocats which he loved and Peter Pan. 

He cracked me up he was dipping this toy with a hat into ranch and then licking it off. I was like that's kind of gross but I guess it's ok haha.

Little guy zooming haha, he did this for a really long time! It is too hot here to play outside so this was one way to use up some energy. Today's forecast is 102. It's been in the hundreds for a few days and supposed to stay there until Tuesday which says 97 so not much better.

Simon resting on me haha. I kept falling asleep while watching a movie and Trevor asked me if I was drugged or something. No just 48...

After I took him home I finished working on my brown bag, this one ended up long and skinny

and a zip bag and coin bag out of the leftovers

This morning Snookie decided she wanted to either kick Simon's ass or be a puppy, not sure which one lol. Yes that is my underwear on the floor they didn't start off there. Thanks Simon!

Today's plan is I have one more bag to sew up with the batting I have. I was thinking I might just use the fusible batting I have for the remainders since I have a bunch of that. That way I don't have to go buy anything or go out. Debating on going to the store real quick or doing another Instacart order. The prices are jacked up a bit for Instacart but it is nice not to have to go out. Plus someone else is getting some money to do my shopping for me too so it is helping someone else out right?

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