Monday, July 8, 2024


Hello happy Monday! Today is my cousin Randy's birthday. So far he hasn't been on America's Most Wanted like we thought he might. His FB profile picture has him with a cigarette hanging out of his mouth so he's the classy one.

Watched the kids yesterday. Rosie played, screamed, napped, screamed and then played a bit. No pictures of her this time.

Daniel is starting to really talk a lot more which is nice! I can't understand everything he says but he's getting better.

Mr mostly happy boy. He was a little fussy yesterday but he kept spitting up his formula. I think his stomach doesn't agree with that one.

It's another day in hell here. Sheesh. Ended up on the couch again last night with Snookie on the floor in the cool spot where the AC hits. Poor dog.

I'm almost done sewing my triangle squares together than I will have the big blocks to do next.

Going to go to the grocery store after work today. Out of everything again. Didn't I just do a big grocery shopping?

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