Thursday, November 10, 2016

Last of Halloween

I forgot to post about the Friday before Halloween. We went over and hung out at my mom's for awhile. I had picked up Robert from his Grandma's house so my mom could have him for the weekend Trunk or Treat party. He was so excited to see Adrian, so cute! The kids all sat around the table and played a game for the longest time.

I sat out on the porch and talked with my mom and dad for house. Tinkerbell was all comfy in her chair. So funny! That's one spoiled dog.

For Halloween Melissa was bugging me to get pumpkins so I drove to three stores after work to find some. I bought the last 4 out of 8 pumpkins they had at that 3rd store.  The kids had fun carving them so it was worth running around all over!

Someone was doing the "ask Siri what you should be for Halloween" this was my answer :)

Pumpkin Guts

Posing with their jack o'lanterns

The open mouth one actually had a rotten spot on it. (whoops), I thought that was pretty creative.

My brother's kids pictures I stole. So cute!

and my nephew was a hot dog lol

This was the strangest Halloween ever. Neither one of my kids got dressed up or when anywhere and we didn't have any plans. I had Scott pick up a little bit of candy just in case some kids came by and we got TWO all night. At one point one of my friends was like "hey we're hanging out with a fire pit" so I went over there and drank wine. That was a better plan ;)

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