Thursday, February 2, 2017

Swap Meet

Last weekend Scott and I went to the Turlock Swap Meet. While this is most a "car" thing there are lots of other little treasures to find so I totally enjoy going. Plus my dad is usually there selling stuff so it's nice to stop by and see him too.

We got there around 9 but then it probably took us at least another half an hour to find somewhere to park and then a bit to walk to the entrance. It's a good thing we looked at what streets we parked on because we never would have been able to find our car afterwards.

I had brought a bunch of flyers to hand out to advertise for our little car show out where I live. I debated on how to hand them out. Scott suggested standing by this one gate where people come in and out between areas so that was what I did and it worked great.

Scott has been into fixing up old bikes lately and ended up buying this bike that was missing a front wheel for $30. Then when we were walking around he found another guy that was selling wheels that would work for the bike for $10. We had stowed the bike at my dad's booth so when we came back he just put on the front wheel and was able to wheel it to the car. Too funny.

He also bought some bigger handle bars to put on the tandem bike he bought off eBay for $1 awhile back (hmm never showed that on the blog I'll have to find some pictures)

We also saw this car, which is basically a souped up version of my first car which was a big pile o'crap. We had some good laughs reminiscing about that car. (like me having to climb over the passenger seat to get in because the door hinge kept breaking).

I had my fit bit on and when I looked at it later we had walked over 8 miles. No wonder we were so tired when we were done!

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

wow 8 miles! Amazing how much you accomplish when you aren't dreading the job right?

Chris H said...

Cool score with the bike and tyre! Well done on the 8 miles, that's a good distance.

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