Sunday, April 15, 2018

Craft Booth Saturday

Yesterday I did another vendor and craft show out by the movie theater. I thought I had a great spot but after awhile I decided it wasn't so great since a lot of people stayed on the main walkway instead of turning to come see my booth. It's ok though I think I did better than a lot of people. Surprisingly I only sold two mug cozies all day though!  I think I am going to do the same place again next Saturday but they in a different spot!

Part way through the day I moved some stuff around and hung up a clothesline to hang my wine cork keychains from. I sold a couple of them after doing that so it worked! haha. I got the idea from a crafter gal I know who sells jewelry. She hangs necklaces up that way.

The gal set up next to me was super nice. She's a direct seller for some fancy jewelry. I had fun talking to her all day.  I was so tired when I got home. Funny how just standing and sitting in a booth all day can be so exhausting!

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Lorraine said...

Your table looks great. I saw your mug cozies on Etsy. What a cute idea! Yes, standing at a booth all day is exhausting. My hubby gave up doing conventions because it was so tiring and some of them were 2-1/2 days long.

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