Monday, May 7, 2018

Should Be Sleeping

Or crafting or something. Well writing is kind of like crafting I suppose, right?

So since I was last here I did several craft shows, most of which were slow but I still made a profit so that's good right?

Today at work someone came in and was asking questions and the woman he had with him was doing a video on her phone. Kind of rude. I thought of asking her what she was going to use it for but decided to just try and be nice and helpful. I have half a mind to find out who she is and go to where she works and do the same ;)

I have about 100 projects I want to be working on but all I accomplished today was going to the grocery store and cooking dinner. Oh and washing dishes. Always dishes. I swear I can leave or go to bed with no dishes in the sink and when I look again it's full.

I had planned on going grocery shopping last week like a normal person but someone decided to use my debit card WITH PIN down south. Seven times at a Chevron for $84 and change. That's a lot of money they took out of my account. I was so worried that some of the automatic withdrawals and a couple checks I had out were going to bounce while I was waiting for my money to be returned. I called the bank every day asking them "where's my  money". One day they put some in and I paid a bill and the next day it was gone. Talk about freaking me out. Anyhow, I think that is situated now so I went grocery shopping lol.

I had a ton of stuff I was going to blog about but all I can do is sit here and yawn! I guess I should just call it a night :)Pin It


Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Will you go grocery shopping for me? I hate shopping and we literally have nothing in the house besides water chestnuts, peanut butter and bacon. Sound like dinner? ha ha ha

I have so much to do I want to run away. Wanna meet me there?

Chris H said...

There is nothing worse than doing a market and not making much for all the time you spend there! My last one was OK, but the one before that sucked!

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