Thursday, September 13, 2018

Almost Died Today

So I almost died this morning.

I turned left out of our little neighborhood into the lane there and saw someone coming at me head on. They were passing someone illegally over a double  yellow line. Good thing there was a bit of a shoulder there. I love how people are willing to sacrifice themselves and others to get to work faster.

I know I've talked before about people dumping things in the country. Here's a fun one that showed up yesterday on the little side ride I like to take by my work. I'm thinking they tied it to the pole so they could pull it off the trailer as they drove away. People are such assholes.

Tuesday I stayed home from work with the cramps that are trying to kill me now that I'm old. I took Trevor to the bus and came back and had a cup of coffee. Then I went and laid down and woke up three hours later. Apparently that coffee had no effect lol.

Later in the day I did a bit of sewing. A few more bags.

These ones I didn't get the little cat wizard in a very good spot so he disappears when the bag is closed. Darn.

I think I'm already tired of making these. Maybe I'm just tired lol. I have a bunch started so I'll have to come back to them at some point!

I finally went grocery shopping with a list yesterday. I've got a menu for the week. So far I forgot to take some meat out when I left the house though haha. I'll have to have one of the girls take it out for me!

OH and big news. When I was home sick the other day the Cactus Lady got FIRED. I have never heard of anyone getting fired here so it's all so shocking and no one knows why she got fired.


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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Oooh can't wait to hear why Cactus lady was booted.

I am glad you were not killed. Who wants to be in a hurry to get to work anyway?

And just leaving a water vessel tied to a tree or pole is crazy and littering.
I have never seen that done before.
Have a great weekend.

Chris H said...

Someone dumped A BOAT!!!! OMG ... surely someone knows who owned that and can track them down? That's outrageous.

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