Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Birthday Pictures Finally

I'm procrastinating (what I'm not sure, dishes? probably) so hey great time for a blog post! Tomorrow is Trevor's 16th birthday. Good God my kids are so old! Honestly he seems older than that to me so it's not like it's shocking. He has to wait until June to go for his license so we still have a little bit of time before my insurance goes through the roof even more than it already is.

So here's a few pictures from my birthday that I never posted. We went to Famous Dave's and got the family dinner that they serve on the garbage can lid. Love that meal! Also we had nachos for an appetizer. Nachos I love Nachos!

Mom brought me a German chocolate cake. I think I ate the whole thing myself over the week.

Trevor and Mom

Mom and Dad (mom always closes her eyes lol)

Jess and Daniel

Us old people

Jess got me flowers which are amazingly still mostly alive 20 days later

and we didn't know if my mom was getting me a cake so she got me a cake too. I was so full after dinner I didn't eat any of this one and never did have any of it since I was busy oinking out on the other one haha.

Melissa came over after dinner since she had to work. We were going to go hang out at the bar but for some reason they closed early so I just went to bed. Happy 45 haha.

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

well, Happy Birthday a bit late!
It looks like you had a great one.
I'm turning 63 in a few days and I can't eat cake.
So could it suck anymore? :-)


Annsterw said...

Happy birthday again Julie! Both of those cakes look amazing! I have never heard of dinner on a garbage can lid - that is hilarious!!! So nice that the kids could celebrate with you and Scott!!!! Your son definitely looks older that 16!! I love the flowers too! 45 is young...enjoy!!!! Hugs Annster's Domain

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