Monday, May 26, 2008


Ok before you look at these pictures you CANNOT judge me. I'm really a good Mom. I just went through a bit of a depression and you know, went from working and carting my kids back and forth to softball for 3 months to being laid off. Softball is over now. I've almost recovered from my nice summer cold and well the fog is lifting. So I ventured into Trevor's room to clean it. I looked around the corner and OMG!!

I think it only took me like 3 or 4 hours. He wasn't home so I bagged up lots of crap and filled up the back of my car and dropped it off at my friend's house for her church yard sale. I'd show you an after picture but not long afterwards my Mom and Dad brought over the bunk beds we are going to put up in there. And since my husband didn't take the hints of me trying to get him to put them up today they are still crowding out the room. There are no toys on the floor now though :O) The best part is so far he hasn't noticed anything missing. Which really, I don't think he even knew what was in there to start off with.


So I started my day off today by going to meet my friend for lunch at the mall and doing some shopping!! We had a nice time visiting and looking for clothes, which by the way apparently EVERYONE wears the same sizes as us because all the cute stuff was only left in the itty bitty sizes. I did manage to get some much needed boobie holders and a new pair of Capri pants and some luggage for my trip to Vegas next week. Woop woop, getting pretty excited about that!!


I've been reading my book tonight. It's called Goodnight Nobody. Here's my favorite part so far lol

With three kids and no time, I'd gotten masturbation down to a science. A fast science, I thought, five minutes later as I leaned against the wet tiled walls, panting and shuddering, with the hand-held nozzle thrashing like a possessed snake where I'd dropped it on the shower floor. It was sad. I decided., as I t urned off the water, but I'd probably had more fun with the shower than with Ben. In Fact, I was pretty sure that since we'd moved to Upchurch, most of my orgasms had been of the DIY variety; an indictment of suburban living if ever there was one. Where there any married couples with children who still had fulfilling sex lives? Or were all of these perfect Upchurch mommies secretly like me, feeling like they were just playing a part, like they'd wandered into some stranger's bedroom farce, sleeping with their husbands occasionally, lusting after hunky Little People's Music instructor obsessively, and still falling asleep thinking of their exes?Pin It


Chris H said...

Hey at least that was a clean mess! Well done on the tidy up job.

Gina said...

Gemma's room is roughly in the same state. I've given up trying to tidy it up as it's back to messy within a day or so.
She'll tidy it herself when she starts losing things.

love and hugs xxx

Tonya Staab said...

Okay seriously, you got that done in 3-4 hours. I bow down to thee. I've been working on my sons room for a month now and yet everytime I get it started a 12 year old hurrican blows back through again and destroys it. IT'S NEVER GOING TO END WAAAHHHH.

I LOVE Goodnight Nobody. I love all Jennifer Weiner books. The only one I have yet to read is her brand new one. I'm so excited to read that once I've finished my current book.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Can't wait for the after pictures. Kids and their toys... he probably will never know what's missing. I wouldn't. :-)

Love the book excerpt. I'll have to check that one out.

Unknown said...

You have totally earned lunch and a shopping trip...and you trip to Vegas!! Woop woop right back at 'cha.

scargosun said...

He he he. I remember my brother's room looking like that. Take a look at the pics of my kitchen during the painting taht is goign on and you will feel better.

BTW, Goodnight Nobody is really good. Enjoy it!

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