Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Some Funnies

I got some good funnies in an email tonight.

So home from Jessica's game. Guess what?? They lost! I swear her coaches are f*ing idots but I guess I've rambled on about that enough already. She overheard the one telling the other when he put her in to pitch that she sucks but he's going to put her in until she walks 3 people. Yeah so no wonder she felt REAL POSITIVE going out to the pitching mound. Especially since she doesn't have that much experience pitching anyways, didn't KNOW she was going to pitch tonight, and doesn't do great when she gets nervous. F*ing Ahole. God I can't wait until they are done. 2 more games for her and she will be done. This is the last regular game and then the tournment games, which if they don't win any then it will only be 2 games. So let's hope for that. I'm not contributing ONE CENT to any coaches gifts. Well unless someone buys them Softball Coaching for Dummies book. Do they even make one of those?? Hmm going to have to go look lol. I can feel my evil horns popping out :O)

OMG too funny

They have a baseball one but not a softball one, too bad! They definitly could use the coaching kids pointers.Pin It


Gina said...

I love the funnies. the top one has to be my favourite.

I love your blog it always makes me laugh

love and hugs xxx

KatBouska said...

What gerks. It's not like they're coaching some kind of all star college team. For crying out loud let the kids have some fun.

Connie said...

Stopping by to say "HI!"
I just signed my 6yr old up for T-Ball and 7yr old for rubber ball. It's our first venture into the outdoor sports arena and your post got me wondering when (it's not a matter of if but when I am guessing) will we encounter over zealous coaches/parents and to what degree.

Dirty White boy said...

Well now that your home...can you coach?

Candid Carrie said...

That first picture is a hoot, man if I could lift my leg that high and maintain my balance like that lady I would have been much more popular in high school.

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