Friday, May 16, 2008

So here's MY day..

So we started off by going to the school at regular time. We go into the classroom and the teacher has paper with our groups on it so we all get together with our groups. We have 4 adults and 6 kids. She has us leave in order of groups to make sure we are all together?? Then we stand outside while everyone is supposed to be going to the bathroom but I don't think anyone went. Finally we go over to the bus where they have seating charts and have to go over what to do if we are all going to die. Of course Jessica and I get the seat with the wheel. Happens EVERY TIME I go on a field trip with her lol.

So we left around 9. We get to Marine World at 11. Then we have to get to the parking lot but it takes awhile because 2 buses ahead of us had a fender bender. Then we go allllll the way to the big parking lot. Then we have to get off the bus, get our groups again and instructions and then walk together as a group to the entrance.

We get there and then the "chaperons" have to go buy tickets. Which I was like WTH why didn't they buy those with the big group rate? So we are standing in line for that and the teacher decides she'll be nice and give us the tickets for the people that didn't show up instead of just letting them go to waste. Um yeah no brainer there but thanks saved me $50.

So then we all have to meet INSIDE the park again. Where we are all standing around and I asked the other moms if they would be ok if Jessica and I split off since I really don't think we need a one on one ratio and I don't want to hang out with people I don't know or like anyways. Of course they were ok with it and then I asked the teacher if we are all ok and can we take off and she was like you guys are splitting up? I said yeah almost everyone has a parent and the one mom said she can handle the 2 extras. I could tell she didn't really want us to take off but she let us. I mean really these kids are 14 years old. I remember being let loose with my step brother in Great America when I was like 7 and he was 10.

So by this point it's like 11:30 and we have to meet to leave at 3:15!! So we go to one ride and the line is too long so went on another. Waited FOREVER. And now they have a new thing that you can't just put your backpack over on the other side, you have to pay $1 and put it in a locker while you ride the ride. Freaking ridiculous!! So we went on that one, which of course was like killing me now that I'm old and can't really do rides anymore.

Then it was so hot we went and stood on the bridge by that boat ride so we could get wet. Then we walked around and had lunch where so freak behind me was like totally invading my personal space. Took Jessica's drink the lady put on the counter and took a sip and then tried to give it back?? We were like um no way! So lunch was nasty, got a burger. Oh before we had lunch we went on the hammer head which she talks me into by saying it's like the revolution, which it IS NOT. So I was still feeling pukey when we ate. So barely ate anything.

Then we walked over to where the other water ride was and it was CLOSED. Jess decided she wanted to get this cool shirt that they paint so she paid for that and they said to come back in an hour. Walked back over to the water thing and got wet again and then decided to just stand in line for the ride and ride it while we were waiting for her shirt to get done. Got done just in time (yeah it took about an hour for the line!). Got totally drenched, like if I would have sat in the tub with my clothes on but it was hotter than hell so it was ok.

Then I sat in the shade while she ran to get her shirt. Got a snow cone cup thing and she got a lemonade and then it was time to meet the teacher. So the teacher meets up at the dolphin thing standing in the sun. I stood there for a few minutes and went to the shade. After forever we are finally leaving, get out and the tram is pulling up. She doesn't want us to ride the tram, wants us to walk to the friggin parking lot. By the time I got there my head was pounding so bad.

Got on the bus and right after we got on the rode I did a panic for a plastic bag and threw up. Poor kid, I'm sure she's never going to want to me to anywhere with her again lol. So I grossed out all the kids around me, but thank God someone grabbed bags before we left or it could have been a REALLY LONG ride home lol. Came home and went to take a shower and the freaking water was out!! So got a bag of ice and turned the fan on and went to sleep for awhile. I feel pretty good now :O)Pin It


Dirty White boy said...

I dont do rides. EVER. The Tea cups at disney world make me puke.

Gina said...

Oh poor you.

I don't do rides for medical reasons ( bad back and dodgy heart) and I don't miss them at all.
I struggle with buses aswell. If I'm not sitting on the drivers lap then it's an eventful journey for all concerned.

love andhugs xxx

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