Thursday, May 22, 2008

Thank The Lord

My DSL is finally working again!!

What a freaking long day with no computer. So as you know, the computer connection was working just fine earlier this morning and then all of a sudden I just got the sad page. You know that page. It's the one that shows it's


This is the sucky part about living in the country. You can't just have cable internet. You have to rely on satalites and boxes and towers. And when the wind is whipping dirt around at 30 mph things happen and then apparently my interenet doesn't work.

Anyhow I was so bored after I came back from Melissa's Author's Tea (story to follow) I ended up doing that for letter word.


So this is what happens when I clean. I get a little side tracked sometimes.

Now I have to clean the rest of the house to find those missing letters damn it!

Anyhow... back to earlier today.

I had to go to the kids' school for "Author's Tea".
What's Author's Tea you ask????

It's when they make the parents come to the classroom. And you can't just NOT go because you don't want YOUR KID to be the one that has to stand up in front of the class with no Mommy there to applaud her for writing a story about how the Principal did something something and I reallycantunderstandwhatthekidsaresaying.. oh it's time to applaud now!!

Anyhow so I went. I had some nasty cranberry juice mixed with 7 up (where was the wine for the proper spritzer???) and a scone. I have to say the scone was really good. I almost stole one for the little kid sitting next to us. (His mom didn't come, where the heck was SHE??)

Before Melissa went up there I told her you have to talk loud! She says yeah I know. Then I tell her you have to go slow! She says, yeah I know. So she gets up there and I understood the first paragraph of what she said and then she just kept speeding up and then it was over. clap clap clap. Ok no idea what she said lol.

The teacher invited us to come back tomorrow for their recorder performance. Someone must have said HELL NO!! So she got some of the kids to go up to the front of the classroom to play their tune.

Then I wanted to get a picture of Melissa with her art work but her friend jumped in the picture and they were still holding their recorders so I got this.

Anyhow I finally escaped there after about an hour.

When Jessica got off the bus she called me to tell me some little beotch scratched her arm on the bus. Look what the girl did!

So I called the school and told on her. (yes I did, I really did)

Apparently the bus driver just told her she "shouldn't have done that". Yeah right, should be kicked off the bus!!!

All because Jessica wouldn't put up the window on the 4 mile ride home. Sheesh. I'd hate to see how she reacts when something REALLY big happens in her life. Apparently the principal is going to "talk to them" tomorrow and find out what the deal was.

I say Jessica should get to scratch her back :O)

I just watched Walk The Line OMG I just LOVE this movie. JP makes me feel all warm in side...Pin It


Tonya Staab said...

I love your brutal honesty, you crack me up.

That is one nasty scratch.

Good luck finding the missing letters. Watch them mysteriously appear back on the fridge, always happens to me days later.

Gina said...

I agree with you. Jessica should have scratched her back. I have no faith in a school's method of punishment. Gemma was bullied for a year and it only stopped when she got so fed up that she hit the 2 girls and sent them flying across the room.
love and hugs xxx

Anonymous said...

Don't you hate kids who are mean to other kids? I want to rip some kids eyeballs out when they have been mean to Ned. She's a cutie anyway, even though she is standing next to the scary birdnest girl.

I love JP too, he's what we would call lush in England. Only trouble is, when I imagine him doing naughty things to me I remember him in Parenthood as a child and that freaks me out!

SabrinaT said...

The problem with kids today are their parents!

Mama Dawg said...

Hear, hear! I agree that the problem today is the parents. That girl should know by now that it's wrong to scratch/hit/punch/kick etc...

I agree on JP. He's gorgeous.

Insane Mama said...

Good luck finding the letters, check behind the fridge and yes, you should probably check the floor by the toilet, (don't ask)
and tell Jessica to scratch that girl when she is not expecting it!

Dirty White boy said...

well that doesnt look good...hope she doesnt get an infection.

Unknown said...

Oh, I'm lost without my computer. I feel totally cut off from the world. And to be bored into cleaning!!! Girl, that's just sad.

And you're cracking me up about the Author's Tea. Those pictures are great and you're right about that little kid's hair. Eeeeks.

I'm glad you called the school about that scratch. That's horrible!

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