Thursday, May 15, 2008

So I had a first yesterday..

I have a friend of mine who is lucky enough to live in a nice house that has a garage that she can park in. We have a garage too, but it's only for storing car pieces not actual driving cars. This friend of mine is always running over her kids bikes. I'm always like HOW does that happen? Can't you see the bike right there in the driveway?? She's like well no because I come out of the house and jump in the car and just go. One time she actually got waved down by the neighbors because she was DRAGGING a bike down the street lmao. I don't know how many bikes she's killed but her husband bought her a back up camera for her car. Probably cheaper in the long run than replacing all those bikes!

So yesterday we jump in the car to go pick up the girls from the bus stop and I'm backing up. Thump Thump. WTH??? OH man it was Trevor's scooter!! I put it in park and get out to check out the damage. Not too bad, just bent the long part of it. Still usable. But all I could think was OMG, I pulled a Carolyn lol.Pin It


Mama Dawg said...

LOL! The worst thing I've done is just drive off with something on my roof.

Gina said...

Hubby reversed into scaffolding one day. I mean how can you miss scaffolding?

love and hugs xxx

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