Thursday, May 8, 2008

My day in a nutshell (isn't that a weird saying when you think about it?)

So I finally got a chance to take a picture of the cute little set that Barb sent me. It took me so long to get a picture because Jessica STOLE them lol. She loves the little card holder thing and uses it as a wallet. She has allergies and so stole the tissue holder also. Thanks again Barb, Jess loves them :O) Oh and my mom saw them and said she should have gave them to her since they were daisies (she loves daisies).

So I'm down to ONE load of laundry!! It's amazing!! I got all the Easter stuff boxed up (yeah shuddup, I know it's MAY). Kicked out my coffee table since it doesn't match the sectional we have and it's old as dirt. My friend is collecting things for her church yard sale so that gave me an excuse to pile some stuff up for her to take when she came to pick up Jessica. I can actually walk through my house without killing myself (well not Trevor's room but I'm saving that for later, when I'm bored..) It's amazing what you can get done when you don't have to go to work!

Speaking of work I got my last check in the mail today with a little note from my boss saying "I hope you are enjoying your time off". Yeah SURE I am. Until I run out of money..

So went to Melissa's softball game. YAWN those games are sooo boring. My mother in law came and sat with me and talked to me but honestly I don't know what she said most of the time she was talking since she kept turning away from me. I'm getting really good at ah huh, smile, nod. Apparently the team lost. I was just so excited when they started packing up I didn't really care! OH and part of the reason I wasn't able to focus on the game was because

There is this boy that is a little brother of a player on her team. He is such a BRAT I want to grab him by the hair and drag him around the field. But instead I just yelled at him and told him he was mean. :O)

After the game we went to McBarf's. Umm Quarter Pounder w/Cheese. YUMMY (sorry Jokerman). Other than eating out yesterday I haven't eaten out all week which is like AMAZING considering that when I was working I was eating out AT LEAST one time a day. Anyhow, it was really yummy. Couldn't really enjoy myself too well though since we were in the Playplace and someone's kid kept screaming that high pitch make you go deaf noise. Sheesh tell your kid to shut up already!!

So that was my exciting day today. Although it's not quite over. I have to go pick up Jessica from my friend's house. She went over there after church and then to watch Grey's Anatomy. I know, those don't really go hand and hand lol. Just as long as she learns what she SHOULDN'T be doing I guess it's ok. Right?? lolPin It


Barb said...

Julie ~ so glad everyone liked the little giftees. Hope all is well.

Muffy Willowbrook said...

Catch me up....

Why do you have time off?

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