Friday, May 30, 2008

Big Slide Park

Yesterday we went to the "Big Slide Park". That's not it's real name but that's what my kids call it. Jessica and I layed out on a blanket and read our books while the little kids played. I think they had fun :O)

So today is the first day of no school. I got to sleep in a little bit. Until the dog and the cat did some kind of team work and the dog got out. She wouldn't come when I called her and I couldn't see her. Finally found her across the field behind the neighbors house. The one neighbor who she ALWAYS bothers. I should have known. One more reason for him not to wave when I drive by.Pin It


Chris H said...

Awesome looking park! Bummer about the neighbour not being dog friendly.

Connie said...

Neighbor - So your cat/dog/kid was in my yard again.
You/me - (best blonde look) Really?
Neighbor - Yeah. Can you try to keep them out?
You/Me - We have such a busy life (cause you don't - have a life that is) ... we'll try but you know cat/dog/kid's will be cat/dog/kids.

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