Friday, May 2, 2008


Well I'm really starting to feel like a drunk lately lol. I might need an intervention soon. Had a nice cocktail with lunch. On my last day of work. With my friend because my boss is mean and didn't even TALK to me until she told me she was going to lunch. Hope she isn't back when it's time for me to go. Here's my time card, put my check in the mail....

So I had a strawberry mojito with my lunch. Applebees has them right now, and lets just say less mint is good. My breath should smell really nice now :O)

After I get home today I have to go shopping for the coffee crap for the craptastic softball basket I volunteered myself for. At least I get to go shopping with other people's money. That's always a fun right? I'll be so glad to get that put together and dropped off tomorrow bright when we show up bright and early for the 9:00 games we have. Both girls have a game at 9:00 AM. Apparently I'm not supposed to go out drinking tonight to celebrate my unemployment status lol. On the plus side we'll be done by lunch time.

I'm planning on going scrapbooking at my friend's house from 4-midnight Saturday night. Maybe I should find some pictures to take with me...Pin It

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