Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Sick baby

So my little guy is sick. Maybe that's why he was being crazy the other day??? Yesterday he fell asleep while watching tv and slept for a really long time. He never did really "get up" after that and was running a fever and said his ear was "plugged".

This morning I did the 8:30 stalking by phone of the Dr's office to get in. I've learned that if you want to get your kid in TODAY you have to call right when they switch over from the answering machine to an actual person.

I called at
redial 8:31-machine,
redial 8:32 YEAH got a person!! So we got in for 9:20.

I've also learned that if you want to get in, you need to be early or ON TIME or they punish you.

Seriously, they do. Be 5 minutes late and they will make you wait for an HOUR just to be called into the back and wait another hour.

So we rushed right along and drove the 12 or so miles to the office (we live in the country and it's that far to ANYTHING). We got there right at



So I'm thinking, are we going to be in the late category today??

Luckily I brought my book so while Trevor was playing with the germ covered toys they provide (WHY?? do they have toys in there???)

I'm hearing Bambi in the background. Oh no, please not the part where Bambi's mother dies...

Then Trevor has to go to the bathroom.

When Trevor has to go to the bathroom it's not a quick lets run, whip it out and be done. NOooooo it's I want to go in the Men's bathroom. I'm playing with the lock. I go pee. Now I have to poop. Now I have to wash my hands with lots of soap. And forget the paper towels, it's way too quick, I must use the air dryer.

Oh thank God he's done and he didn't even lock himself in the bathroom this time.

Back to the waiting room where someone has taken our chairs so we must sit somewhere else. Well me, he's back to the germs.

I was deep into my Kinsey Millhone book when they finally called us in. Oh wait it was only 1/2 an hour, not bad!!

Trevor gets on the scale and weighs 63 pounds. He's 5 years and 2 months. The kid is a tank I tell you!! And he's not fat at all (and I'm not saying that because I'm his mom).

Back to the patient rooms we go. He's sitting there on the table asking me how he's supposed to be sitting. I said just however, geez this kid asks a lot of questions lately.

So it's another 1/2 an hour until the Dr. comes back. While we are waiting my mom calls. She's sick too. It's my fault. Because I have a kid that was sick and he breathed on her.

The Dr. comes in and does the check up and Trevor has bronchitis, an ear infection and his eyes are really red so she thinks he might have pink eye. Woohoo the fun comes in threes this time!!

So we make our return appt for next week and Trevor gets his Superman sticker and we use some germ x on our hands and make our way over to Wal Mart to pick up the prescriptions.

I've been trying to kind of boycott Wal Mart lately since it's kind of gross and Target it better but Target is new and we've went to WM for a long time for our prescriptions and I'm not even sure if they take our insurance at Target. So that's why we went there.

I go up to the drop off counter and tell the gal that the Dr sent over prescriptions and we are here so go ahead and fill them and how long is it going to be?? Amazingly they had received them already (sometimes they are like wha?? we didn't get anything??? and that is why I go check in now). She says an HOUR. I'm thinking holy shit but ok we can go eat at McBarf's over there and then walk around a bit.

We go eat, stopping for another trip to the bathroom for Trevor in the middle of our "meal". When we are done he has to go again. I swear it must be some kind of exciting for a 5 year old boy to go to the bathroom.

Anyhow, we do a little shopping and then go up to the counter. It's been 40 minutes and there's not that many people there so I'm hoping it's done.

The girl is like umm when did you drop it off?

I said 40 minutes ago...

So I think from how she was reacting that they didn't even give it to the pharmacist. She says it will be another 1/2 an hour or so.


So we go walk around some more, I'm totally avoiding the toy aisle because I can't even walk in Trevor's room already. He's not too happy about that and we settle on a movie. We get a few more things and go back to the pharmacy.

God has it really only been 15 more minutes?? So I check in again and it's still not done. So we sit on the little bench in front of them while I send evil glares at the people working behind the counter and kind of hope Trevor will throw up or something so they will hurry up!

An hour and a half after the time I dropped it off we were finally freaking done. Ridiculous!! I'm definitely finding out if Target takes our insurance next time I'm in there.

Wal Mart, I HATE you!!Pin It


Heather said...

I ditto your hatred of Wal-Mart. Seriously. I'm sorry you have a sick kiddo. Hang in there!!

Tiffany said...

I am so with you on this one. Wal Mart is not only dirty and nasty, but they take f.o.r.e.v.e.r. You'd think with those bajillions they could hire some staff under 65

Target wants to compete with Wal Mart, so I bet they take your insurance. You know the best place to get presciptions... COSTCO.

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